Candy Skewers Dessert

Some of the most fun food ideas are the most simple ones, as is true in the case of these awesome candy skewers from Kim Werker. As she describes, they are the simplest, most time-consuming, impressive dessert EVER.

A few months ago my friend Michal came to a party with the most eye-catching, impressive dessert in the history of not baking. She arrived with two half-litre mason jars with candy skewers sticking out all around. It was a feast of colour and confection!

I can’t imagine how fun it would be to have these brightly colored candy skewers at a party – for kids or adults! — via CRAFT

UC Riverside releases new citrus variety: ‘KinnowLS’

Juicy. Extremely Sweet. Visually attractive. Easy to peel. Low seeded. These are the fine qualities that mark KinnowLS, the latest citrus variety released by researchers at the University of California, Riverside.

Large-sized for a mandarin, the fruit has an orange rind color. The rind is thin and extremely smooth. The 10-11 segments in each fruit are fleshy and deep orange in color — via

Toxic weight-loss seeds recalled

A nut-based diet product has been recalled around Australia after tests indicated it was highly toxic and possibly lethal.

Australians taking The Latin Seed, which bills itself as a natural weight-loss product and is sold through health stores, chemists and online, are urged to stop doing so immediately — via

How-To: Prop Glass Breakaway Bottles from Sugar

When I was a kid, we got to use some breakaway sugar glass prop bottles in a drama club play once, and I remember it as being so fun! We had to be careful because the bottles are expensive, but here’s a tutorial for making your own with a silicone mold and some sugar and corn syrup. Documentatian nelson8815 is right, they make a really satisfying shattering noise when you break them over something (or someone) — via CRAFT

How to train your mouse to be a wine snob

Performance of mice in discrimination of liquor odors: behavioral evidence for olfactory attention.

We examined performance of mice in discrimination of liquor odors by Y-maze behavioral assays. Thirsty mice were initially trained to choose the odor of a red wine in the Y-maze. After successful training (>70% concordance for each trained mouse), the individual mice were able to discriminate the learned red wine from other liquors, including white wine, rosé wine, sake, and plum liqueur — via

Google Recipe Search Cooks Up Next Gen of Search

Stepping into the kitchen now, Google introduced a recipe search engine Thursday that serves up dishes based not only on the ingredients you may have on hand, but the calories you want to consume and even how much time you have to cook.

About one percent of the queries on Google are for recipes, the company said, and the new vertical intends to make it easier for people to find recipes across the web. Keeping with its search roots, Google isn’t showing the recipes in the results, and is linking to recipes on sites like Epicurious and the Food Network, which likely alleviates some worries about Google’s newest effort — via

Doner kebab saves bloke’s life

A 37-year-old Somerset man can thank fast food for saving his life, after he plugged a serious throat wound with a doner ebab.

James Hobbs was attacked in Highbridge on 15 January after he popped out to Tasty Bitez for some meaty goodness. He suffered a deep cut across the throat, but held the wrapped £3.40 takeaway to his neck for several minutes until his cousin could provide a towel to stem the flow of blood — via

Research underway to uncover genetic identification of cephalopods

A team of researchers from the National Association for Producers of Canned Fish and Shellfish (Anfaco-Cecopesca) have initiated a study to genetically identify cephalopods with the most commercial interest, such as squid, giant squid and octopus.

Those involved in the research believe that the development of rapid methods for the authentication of raw materials and their subsequent implementation in production plants, facilitate its entry into the production line and ensure proper labeling — via

Chilli fumes send four to hospital

The pungent smell of roasting chillies in an apartment building sent four people in the Finnish city of Espoo to the hospital on Monday with respiratory problems.

Rescue workers had to use gas masks to get up to the top floors where the smell was coming from, rescue services spokesman Mika Maekelae told AFP, saying the smokeless odour was akin to pepper spray.

The first rescue worker who entered the building had a bad coughing fit and trouble breathing, he added.

Inside the apartment, rescue workers found an oven full of burnt whole chillies, which the occupant had forgotten — via

Lemon or Lime tart — not for the faint of heart

I mean this literally: this tart is loaded with butter and eggs, so if your cholesterol is already high, beware! As an occasion indulgence it is well worth it. The crust is quick and easy to make, and it is crumbly but still holds its shape. The filling has a strong, smooth, and invigorating citrus flavor, with great texture. Active preparation time is only about 1 hour, and it can be made ahead of time with no last minute preparations, which makes it ideal for dinner parties — via Instructables

Candied Oranges

This is a really great time of year to buy oranges, navals go on sale for really awesome prices around this time of year. You can do more with them than just peel and eat them. Here’s an old recipe I found in Common Sense in the Household: A Manual of Practical Housewifery By Marion Harland. This book was originally published in 1871, so it’s in the public domain now. In fact, here’s the recipe, viewable on Google Books — via Instructables

The Mushroom Tunnel of Mittagong

As Geoff mentioned here on BLDGBLOG a few weeks ago, we spent our last full day in Australia touring the Li-Sun Exotic Mushroom Farm with its founder and owner, Dr Noel Arrold. Three weeks earlier, at a Sydney farmers’ market, we had been buying handfuls of his delicious Shimeji and Chestnut mushrooms to make a risotto, when the vendor told us that they’d all been grown in a disused railway tunnel southwest of the city, in Mittagong — via BLDGBLOG

Meat producers should replace cattle with insects, scientists say

Scientists in the Netherlands have discovered that insects produce significantly less greenhouse gas per kilogram of meat than cattle or pigs. Their study, published in the online journal PLoS One, suggests that a move towards insect farming could result in a more sustainable – and affordable – form of meat production — via

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater In Gingerbread

Melodie and her friend, Brenton, designed this gorgeous piece of edible architecture using Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater as a model. It took over 12 hours to design and 40 hours to build and decorate and used 12 square feet of gingerbread dough to make the walls, floors and roof. This iconic home has never looked sweeter — via Neatorama

Foodtubes Proposes Underground ‘Physical Internet’

A group of academics is proposing a system of underground tunnels which could deliver food and other goods in all weathers with massive energy savings.

The Foodtubes group wants to put goods in metal capsules 2m long, which are shifted through underground polyethylene tubes at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour, directed by linear induction motors and routed by intelligent software to their destinations — via

Beer may have helped the rise of civilization

May beer have helped lead to the rise of civilization? It’s a possibility, some archaeologists say. Signs that people went to great lengths to obtain grains despite the hard work needed to make them edible, plus the knowledge that feasts were important community-building gatherings, support the idea that cereal grains were being turned into beer, said archaeologist Brian Hayden at Simon Fraser University in Canada. Beer is sacred stuff in most traditional societies, said Hayden — via

Store Customer Uses Squash To Stop Robber

A Manchester corner store clerk is thanking her fast-acting neighbor for foiling a robbery.

Police said Sean Cullen, 25, used a note to try to rob the Hillsborough Market on Lincoln Street.

The market’s owner said Cullen came in, displayed a threatening note, and verbally told her, Give me your money, or you’re going to die — via