Golf Ball Manufacture (1966) / British Pathé

Golf balls are made and tested to precision. Various shots of the balls being hit with a mechanical club. Various shots of the balls being manufactured in the factory, they start as a blob of plastic which is the core, then elastic rubber is wound round them on a machine. Transpolyisoprene forms the outer casing which is dimpled 332 times. They are carefully examined and weighed. Various shots of a golf ball gun which fires at 120 miles per hour, they are also tested by being fired out of an automatic driver — via Youtube


Oculus / Frank Fox

Significantly updated, but that hasn’t dampened the appeal of this 1960s Frank Fox circular house in Bellevue Hill, New South Wales. The house is known as Oculus and at its heart, the work of noted architect Frank Fox and still using the original footprint as the original — via WowHaus


Hara House / Takeru Shoji Architects

The Hara House stretches along a street in Nagaoka, Japan, in the shape of a tent. Its steep, white, sloping roof rises into two pristine points and then travels all the way to the ground, turning the house into an exaggerated A-frame.

Takeru Shoji Architects designed the house for a family who wanted a supplemental dwelling to its main family house that feels modern, yet engages with its village surroundings. The tent shape allowed the architects to create ample outdoor space under one peak, where a large deck opens to the street and beckons neighbours to stop by — via Curbed


Geometric Pattern: Art Deco Star: Moderna / Red Wolf


Wolf Pup Hiccups / Wolf Conservation Center

Wolves can make a variety of vocalizations. They growl, whimper, whine, bark, huff, howl… Although the wolf’s howl is has been the inspiration for films, essays, poems, etc… we think there is another sound that evokes equal levels of emotion and excitement — a wolf pup’s hiccup. Eight-week-old grey wolf pup Nikai is the newest adorable addition to the Wolf Conservation Center‘s Ambassador Pack in South Salem, NY — via Youtube


Smith House / Craig Ellwood

Craig Ellwood’s Smith House in Los Angeles, California, USA is now up as a holiday let. According to the new listing on Boutique Homes, this 1958 design has been restored under the stewardship of James Tyler who one of Craig Ellwood’s associates and creative collaborators. You need to book this one for a month at a time, which is quite a commitment both in terms of your holiday allowance and the money needed to pay for a month here. It works out at around $13,000 per month — via WowHaus


Terra Mar / Mickey Muennig

This three-bedroom, three-bath, 249 square metre home called Terra Mar was built in 1998 by Mickey Muennig, the famed NorCal architect behind Big Sur staples like the Post Ranch Inn. Guests are welcomed to the property through a private garden area with outdoor fire pit before entering the free-flowing house. There are no right angles in the home, and swooping lines, curved walls, and exposed wood are found throughout — via Curbed


The Godmother Of Drumming Plays Down With The Sickness

Have you ever found yourself making assumptions about someone before you’ve met them? What about before seeing them play drums? From assuming she plays quieter instruments to not being taken seriously before an audition, Dorothea Taylor has heard it all when it comes to judging a book by its cover. She’s here to prove that you can’t always accurately assess a drummer — or anybody — by how they look. Check out Dorothea’s cover of Down With The Sickness by Disturbed — via Youtube


Geometric Pattern: Art Deco Star: Classic / Red Wolf


1956 BSA A10 Rat Bike / Loose Screw

The Loose Screw is DIY-centric communal workshop based in the small town of Dachau, about 20km from Munich, it’s home to a collective of creative people who work on everything from bikes to furniture. It’s also a spot where you can rent space to wrench on your bike—either by yourself, or with assistance from the staff on hand.

Enrico Pauli started the Loose Screw two years ago, and balances his time between helping others and working on his own stuff. This ratty-but-charming 1956 BSA A10 is his daily rider, and the fact that it’s a little scrappy is completely intentional — via Bike EXIF


Hoffman Castle / Barney and Chapman

Designed in 1904 by the well-known Manhattan firm Barney and Chapman for William Mitchell Vail Hoffman, the Hoffman castle features a stone tower that is visible for miles away. It’s a fitting landmark in Tuxedo Park, a gated community that began as a hunting and fishing refuge for Gilded Age high society. Located about one hour north west of New York City in Tuxedo Park, this seven-bedroom, seven-bath castle-inspired home is on the market for the first time in more than 35 years — via Curbed


Chalfant Head Residence / Chalfant Head Associates

Ojai, California, is a bucolic valley town encircled by mountains with a focus on the arts, organic farming and wellness. It’s the kind of place to get away from it all, and this three-bedroom, two-bath house looks like the perfect home to which to retreat. Built in 1960 by the local firm Chalfant Head Associates as part of a family compound for the Chalfant Head family, the home’s entrance features a bright orange door and diminutive flat roof that hides the interesting architecture within. It’s on the market now for $2,882,000 — via Curbed


1971 BSA A65 Thunderbolt restomod / Soiatti Moto Classiche

Based in Novara in northwest Italy, Soiatti Moto Classiche’s bread and butter is concours-level restorations on historic models. In between breathing new life into tired two-wheelers for clients, Daniele and Alberto Soiatti also accept the occasional commission for custom projects. And the latest is this absolutely stunning 1971 BSA A65 Thunderbolt restomod with a street tracker vibe — via Bike EXIF


Geometric Pattern: Art Deco Star: Stoneware / Red Wolf


3D Printed Community / New Story

The world’s first 3D printed community is currently underway in a remote area in Mexico. The printer has been created as a solution to minimise homelessness and provide safe and adequate shelter for individuals. New Story, a not for profit organisation, which was founded five years ago, aims to provide adequate shelter/housing for people exposed to extreme poverty and unsafe housing — via ArchDaily


Geometric Pattern: Labyrinth: Dark / Red Wolf


Victorian Italianate Double House / Ludlow, Kentucky

This five-bedroom, two-bath Kentucky home was originally a family stable circa 1840. The structure eventually transformed into a Italianate double house in 1880, and much of that era’s regal attributes remain. But it took a recent renovation to add a bit of Victorian glamour back to the property. Instead of functioning as a duplex as it had in decades past, the home is now a single family residence measuring 200 square metres. 245 Forest Avenue is on the market now for $249,900 — via Curbed


Munnion Road Residence / Will Alsop

Throughout his career, late British architect and Stirling Prize winner Will Alsop didn’t shy away from playfulness. Known for his bold, unusual buildings like London’s Peckham Library and Wales’ Cardiff Bay Visitor Centre, Alsop brought an irreverent eye to public architecture.

Lesser known is his residential work—likely because there’s only one project to speak of. That project, a 1960s single-story house with an Alsop-designed addition, is now on the market for £475,000 in Ardingly, England.

The house looks typical enough from the front with a brick-clad facade and an oversized front door painted a pale blue-green. Deeper in though, Alsop’s penchant for architectural cheekiness becomes apparent — via Curbed

Craft, Technology

Building an Iron Man suit that flies / Adam Savage

Cnet went behind the scenes with former MythBusters star Adam Savage for his new series Savage Builds. In the first episode Adam builds a titanium Iron Man suit modelled directly from Marvel Studios, with the hopes of actually flying it — via Youtube


Shinjuku Miyabi Residence / Himematsu Architecture

Himematsu Architecture has designed a hotel in Tokyo, Japan, that shows off an artistic and eye-catching façade. The designers were inspired by the Hemp leaf, as it has a very strong growing force and rapid growth speed as seen in nature. By using the leaf pattern on the façade, the designers wish for the new hotel to have the same powerful growth as hemp does in nature — via Contemporist


Santa Elena Residence / William Cody

The desert landscape was the architect’s muse, a fact that can be seen in this three-bedroom, four-bath home designed by William Cody and constructed in 1957. The 250 square metre ranch uses large walls of glass to create an airy, transparent feel. 572 West Santa Elena Road is on the market now for $1,795,000 — via Curbed


Yarnell Residence / William Kesling

This 340 square metre four-bedroom, four-bath home in Fallbrook, California, about one hour north of San Diego, is thought to have been designed in 1950 by California architect William Kesling, although there are no building records to confirm this fact Called the Yarnell Residence, the home is located at the highest view point of the former DO Lamb ranch, a sprawling 880-acre avocado farm that dates back to the 1940s. 2489 Via Del Aquacate is on the market for $929,000 — via Curbed