Paxson Residence / Buff & Hensman

As you might have guessed, this Buff & Hensman time capsule in Eagle Rock, California has never been on the market since it was constructed back in 1968. Someone commissioned it, had it built and loved it for a long, long time. That someone was Omar Paxson, a playwright, director and professor in the Occidental College theatre arts department. In fact, that college is just a short distance away. Not cheap at $1,025,000 — via WowHaus


Hayes Residence / John Hayes

This towering five-bedroom, five-bath home in North Carolina was custom built in 1975 by Winston-Salem resident Dr John Hayes. The binuclear layout features two separate wings with an entry hall at the nucleus, a way to organise the home’s sprawling 530 square metre. Renovations in 2013 updated and repaired problem areas, but left the house’s original California redwood panelling, imperial plaster walls, and oak parquet floors. 2831 Galsworthy Drive is on the market now for $765,000 — via Curbed


Laser-Cut Box Loom / Matthijs Witsenburg

This box loom is designed for use with a rigid heddle or for card weaving. It can be used on a table or on your lap, and the work can be dropped at a moment’s notice when something else (kids, pets, etc.) requires attention right now.

The cloth and warp beams are held in slots rather than holes. This makes construction easier, and, as a bonus, you can remove and set aside an unfinished project if something more interesting comes along. Simply release the tension, carefully take out the beams, roll up your project, and secure it with rubber bands.

If you build more than one loom, the recesses on the lower edge allow for easy stacking.

Once you have the laser-cut parts, the rest of the loom can be made with the most basic of woodworking tools. All measurements are in millimetres, but none are so critical that they can’t just be eyeballed — via Make:


Tecomán Residence / Casas de Mexico

Mexican architecture firm Casas de Mexico designed the house around a circular interior courtyard that’s filled with palm trees. The house sits on a former palm grove that was cleared to build the sprawling residence. What remains is a smaller but impeccably groomed yard landscaped with spindly palm trees, green grass, and a placid pool — via Curbed

Health, Science

Melbourne researchers flag potential for new hearing loss treatment using nanoparticles

Scientists from Melbourne’s Bionics Institute and the University of Melbourne believe they can use nanotechnology to deliver restorative drugs to deep within the ear to sufferers of neural hearing loss.

It is the most common form of deafness, affecting people as they age, or if they’ve been exposed to prolonged periods of loud noise in industries such as music, mining, construction, manufacturing or the military — via ABC News


Nungesser-et-Coli Apartment / Le Corbusier

Fondation Le Corbusier (FLC/ADAGP) has celebrated its 50th anniversary with the unveiling of a completed renovation of Le Corbusier’s Nungesser-et-Coli apartment in Paris. Designed in 1931, the apartment was Le Corbusier’s home from 1934 to his death in 1965. Located at the top of the vibrant Molitor building, the 240-square-meter apartment offers views across Boulogne and Paris — via ArchDaily


Pavilion / Gianni Botsford

The Gianni Botsford Pavilion modernist house in London is reminiscent of Mies Van Der Rohe, but it isn’t just a rerun of that concept. This is an individual piece of architecture in its own right. Statement architecture in a sought-after postcode. No surprise to see this up for £5,950,000 — via WowHaus


Mid Century Memphis Residence / E Fay Jones

E Fay Jones made a name for himself building airy structures in forested areas, many in the Ozarks. Measuring 400 square metre, Jones built this Tennessee home in 1964 to respect and highlight the serene forest on the 1.27-acre property. It’s a masterclass in the Prairie style; an interior of cypress wood, Arkansas field stone, and flagstone floors is carefully balanced with giant floor-to-ceiling glass windows that provides views into the trees outside. 5715 Sycamore Grove is on the market now for $1,795,000 — via Curbed


Stone Ledge / Lyme, Connecticut

Located about an hour south east of Hartford, Connecticut, and halfway between New York City and Boston, this three-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath property is a newer house made to look old. Designed and constructed in 1990, the home was built for Albert Firestone and Norma Terris on ten acres and dubbed Stone Ledge. A granite and timber exterior sits among a Douglas fir forest, blueberry bushes, stone sculptures, and a 186 square metre tri-level granite patio. Reclaimed beams abound inside the home, matched with granite and wide plank oak floors. Nine-foot ceilings add to the airy feeling, as do the large windows found in the kitchen and guest bedrooms. 88 Salem Road, Connecticut is on the market now for $798,000 — via Curbed


Geometric Pattern: Y / Red Wolf

Geometric Pattern: Y: Black/Cream, Geometric Pattern: Y: Black/Gold, Geometric Pattern: Y: Cream/Black, Geometric Pattern: Y: Cream/Gold, Geometric Pattern: Y: Gold/Black and Geometric Pattern: Y: Gold/Cream originally uploaded by Red Wolf


Wild Horse / George Woodman

George Woodman is the motorcycling nom de plume of master woodworker Sébastien Valliergues. He’s based in Biarritz and builds two or three bikes a year for fun. Wild Horse is a heavily modified Honda SS50 that’s as fresh as a mouthful of popping candy. It’s got plenty of zing too: the original 49cc air-cooled single has been swapped out for a 190cc engine, prepared by the pit bike tuner Stomp. Power is up to 22 frisky horses, which translates to a very lively ride on a machine with a wheelbase of just 1.18m — via Bike EXIF


Philadelphia Navy Yard / Filthy Luker + Group X

This sea monster is an art installation by Luke Egan and Pete Hamilton — aka Filthy Luker and Pedro Estrellas — UK-based artists who have made an international name for themselves with gigantic inflatable tentacles. They were invited to create this temporary installation — just 45 days — by the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation — via WHYY


Geometric Pattern: Star Lozenge / Red Wolf

Geometric Pattern: Star Lozenge: Blue/Green, Geometric Pattern: Star Lozenge: Blue/Red, Geometric Pattern: Star Lozenge: Blue, Geometric Pattern: Star Lozenge: Orange/Pink, Geometric Pattern: Star Lozenge: Orange/Red and Geometric Pattern: Star Lozenge: Purple originally uploaded by Red Wolf


Type 16 / Auto Fabrica

The British shop, Auto Fabrica, will typically pick a readily available donor bike, completely transform it, and then produce a few variations on the design, tweaking it as they go. But for their latest project, they’ve chosen a very unusual donor bike—the legendary Norton Commando. Auto Fabrica’s client wanted a Type 6 — a Yamaha XS650 custom that that first surfaced three years ago. But Bujar, Gazmend and Toby weren’t keen on doing another XS650, so they’ve applied the styling cues of the 6 to a 1971 Norton Commando. And it looks even better — via Bike EXIF


Oceanside Lido Residence / A Quincy Jones

Designed by seminal mid century Los Angeles architect A Quincy Jones, the house boasts the expansive interior spaces and indoor-outdoor integration often associated with Jones. At 142 square metre, the home may not be as large as Jones’s more famous designs, but the more modest Lido model still boasts the flat planes, angular roof, and clerestory windows so popular in the early 1960s. 3410 Las Vegas Drive is on the market now for $629,000 — via Curbed


Horological Machine No. 9 ‘Flow’ / MB&F

Inspired by the dynamic profiles of automotive and aviation mid century design, HM9 Flow treads the path first opened by the HM4 Thunderbolt and HM6 Space Pirate, utilising a geometrically complex combination of milled sapphire crystal and titanium case elements. But HM9 goes beyond its predecessors, redefining what was thought to be possible in case

Reminiscent of a jet engine, the highly complex case encloses an equally complex manual winding movement, developed fully in house. Twin balance wheels beat independently on each flank of the Machine, while the central body reveals the gearbox of the HM9 engine: a planetary differential that averages the output of both balances to provide one stable reading of the time.

HM9 Flow debuts in two titanium editions, limited to 33 pieces each: the Air edition with dark movement and aviator dial, and the Road edition with rose gold plated movement and speedometer dial — via Youtube