Architecture firm Log-Urbis have designed a house on a sloped site on the island of Pag in Croatia, that has a terraced landscaped yard, a long swimming pool and water views. From the street, the house looks to be a single level home, however a second, lower level is hidden from view — via CONTEMPORIST

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If you need a room brightening up, then look no further than this Mondrian-inspired flooring at Atrafloor. In fact, the design itself is called Mondrian, so no denying the inspiration of the Dutch artist. His work forms the basis of this wonderful geometric flooring design, which is made to order and made to fit your space. As for price, that depends on the size of your room. But as a guide, it’s £59 per sq. metre — via Retro to Go


MB&F have collaborated with clockmaker L’Epe?e 1839 to produce the Octopod, a biomechanical, articulated-limbed, bubble-headed timepiece with shout-outs not just to the octopus, but also to James Cameron’s film The Abyss and marine chronometers as well. And there’s a sort of stealth tourbillon built into the movement as well. The clock will be made in three limited editions — black PVD, blue PVD, and palladium — with 50 of each at a price point of CHF 35,000 — via Hodinkee


Gustavo Penna Arquiteto & Associados have recently completed the design of Ateliê Wäls, a large brewery surrounded by nature in Olhos d’Agua, Brazil. The brewery, which features a large sculptural wood roof, includes a restaurant, shop, office, wine cellar, beer factory and an outdoor area for food trucks — via CONTEMPORIST


The just-announced Farer Aqua Compressor line is comprised of three models offering different expressions of the same loosely vintage-inspired theme, and they add something new to the brand’s offering of time-and-date and GMT models. Employing the twin crown and internal bezel layout commonly seen on vintage Super Compressor dive watches, this is Farer’s first dive watch design.

All three variants of the Farer Aqua Compressor Automatic are being sold via their website for $1,295, including both a steel bracelet with a dive extension and a fitted black rubber dive strap with every watch — via Hodinkee


This two-storey house in Cape Town, South Africa, was originally designed by SAOTA a decade ago, but when it was bought by its new owners, they reached out to interior design firm ARRCC to renovate the home — via CONTEMPORIST


Los Angeles Zoo Introduces Endangered Snow Leopard Cubs

Los Angeles Zoo has announced the birth of two endangered snow leopard cubs, a male and a female, born on 12 May and 13 May 2017. The siblings spent several months behind the scenes bonding with their mother and getting to know animal care staff. Now, at four months old, the cubs have gained enough strength and coordination to navigate their outdoor habitat and make their public debut — via Youtube


A noted piece of architecture, the 1960s Young and Remington-designed DeLeeuw Residence in Palos Verdes Estates, California is still looking resplendent in 2017. That’s obviously not by accident. This is a top-end renovation job.

The house dates back to 1965. It was designed for a WWII veteran and his family who must have wanted something a little cutting edge. That’s pretty much what they got and as this house is on the market for just the second time ever, it sounds like they enjoyed living here for quite some time too.

The second owners obviously love it every bit as much as the first, renovating the house without taking away the character of the original build. This is the first time the DeLeeuw Residence has been offered on the open market and if you want to be the third owner, $1,825,000 is the price — via WowHaus


African Cheetah v Meerkats / Dolph C Volker

Kinji the Cheetah is something special. He honestly tries making friends with everyone… especially the animals that lives within his reach. Here he is at 8 months and 2 years old trying to get the meerkats to scratch him. He ends up purring to the delight of getting a grooming from these small creatures. He has no idea they want to kill him. Meerkats are territorial and do not like predators — via Youtube


Hector is a Ducati Hypermotard 796, probably the last machine you would expect to get the old-school treatment.

It comes from the oddly named workshop Be Unique 2.22, a collective of six petrolheads based in the small town of Magden, about an hour’s drive from Zürich, the largest city in Switzerland — via Bike EXIF


Merci’s first watch design, the LMM-01 (LMM stands for La Montre Merci) is the company’s take on what you might call essentialist watch making: a simple, very affordable watch that nonetheless has a number of carefully curated design decisions. This is very much an industrial age approach to luxury; design, so the thought goes, needn’t be expensive and production line manufacturing techniques can, and should, make good design democratic and widely available.

LMM-01 comes in two versions: a quartz model, which houses a Ronda 513 movement with about a 45 month running time between battery changes, and a hand-wound mechanical version, which uses an ETA 2801-2 calibre. Both watches are water resistant to 50 meters, and they’re assembled in Switzerland. Cases are 37.5mm in diameter. Pricing has been kept extremely affordable; the quartz model is €190, while the mechanical model is €365 and Merci plans to make 500 of each — via Hodinkee


Geometric Pattern: Square Twist / Red Wolf

Geometric Pattern: Square Twist: Grey, Geometric Pattern: Square Twist: Orange, Geometric Pattern: Square Twist: Blue, Geometric Pattern: Square Twist: Yellow and Geometric Pattern: Square Twist: Green originally uploaded by Red Wolf


Geometric Pattern: Triskelion / Red Wolf

Geometric Pattern: Triskelion: Green, Geometric Pattern: Triskelion: Blue, Geometric Pattern: Triskelion: Blue/Orange and Geometric Pattern: Triskelion: Blue/Green originally uploaded by Red Wolf


‘Revolutionary’ super glue could treat wounds in car crashes, war zones

Australian researchers have developed a new superglue-like substance that can be squirted onto wounds — even internal ones — to seal them within seconds, potentially revolutionising treatment in war zones and at the site of car crashes.

The gel works like the regular bathroom sealant commonly used for tiling, but is made from a natural elastic protein.

You can just squirt it onto a wound site, zap it with light and the whole thing sets in a matter of seconds, University of Sydney biochemistry professor Anthony Weiss said — via ABC News

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Former Irish Chief Justice slams data retention as mass surveillance and threat to fundamental rights

Former Chief Justice of Ireland John L Murray has warned that retained telecommunications data poses a threat to fundamental rights and freedoms in a searing report [PDF] released on Tuesday alongside proposed amendments by the government to Ireland’s data retention laws.

Murray said Ireland’s data retention system touches every aspect of a person’s communications profile for a lengthy period of time.

[Data retention] establishes a form of mass surveillance of virtually the entire population of the state, involving the retention and storage of historic data, other than actual content, pertaining to every electronic communication, in any form, made by anyone and everyone at any time, he wrote.

A vast amount of private information pertaining to the personal communications of virtually everyone in the state is now retained without the consent of those affected in databases maintained by each private service provider in fulfilment of its statutory obligations.

Ireland’s data retention regime, enacted in 2011, mandates that data related to phone calls, text messages, and phone location be kept for two years and IP addresses for internet connections for one year. Due to a decision by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) striking down a European Union data retention directive in 2014, Ireland’s laws in the area need to be modified to remain compliant.

The retained data is able to be currently accessed under a disclosure request by Irish Defence Forces, an officer of the Revenue Commissioners, the Garda Síochána (Irish Police), the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, or anyone with an appropriate court order or authorisation by the Data Protection Commissioner. The legislation also allows for individuals to request the data kept on them.

The former chief justice warned that safeguards in place for state authorities to access retained data could be undermined by those agencies believing they are entitled to the data if it is deemed useful by them.

Access to a person’s private historical communications data is an intrusion on their rights and on data which is personal to them, Murray said. Mere utility or potential utility is not the test — via ZDNet


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Geometric Pattern: Hexagon Star Diamond: White, Geometric Pattern: Hexagon Star Diamond: Grey, Geometric Pattern: Hexagon Star Diamond: Red and Geometric Pattern: Hexagon Star Diamond: Yellow originally uploaded by Red Wolf


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Geometric Pattern: Hexagon: Blue, Geometric Pattern: Hexagon: Pink, Geometric Pattern: Hexagon: Orange, Geometric Pattern: Hexagon: Green and Geometric Pattern: Hexagon: Yellow originally uploaded by Red Wolf


Former architect Yannick Martin, who has previously confined architecture’s most famous houses to a cube, is a graphic designer who explores line and geometric shapes to examine the language of the diagram. By fragmenting simple shapes, Martin seeks to offer new ways of looking at an icon so commonplace and ubiquitously used that, for most, the sheer potential and variety of its application can be overlooked — via ArchDaily


Geometric Pattern: Double Angle / Red Wolf

Geometric Pattern: Double Angle: Grey, Geometric Pattern: Double Angle: Green, Geometric Pattern: Double Angle: Blue on Blue, Geometric Pattern: Double Angle: Blue and Geometric Pattern: Double Angle: Blue/Orange originally uploaded by Red Wolf


Hammock House, near the Blue Ridge Mountains, was designed by Asheville-based Samsel Architects, the home stays true to its name, where, according to the studio, Hammocks and an ancient oak tree were the organising principle.

The old white oak helped to inform the home’s L-shaped layout (it’s growing roughly where the fourth corner would be) and the hammock takes centre stage in an enormous and airy screened porch. The house has a single-pitch shed roof inspired by local farm structures, and the interior was organised so that visitors walk through progressively taller and taller rooms until they reach the hammock — via Curbed


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Geometric Pattern: Circle: Green, Geometric Pattern: Circle: Blue/Black, Geometric Pattern: Circle: Blue/Orange, Geometric Pattern: Circle: Orange and Geometric Pattern: Circle: Tan originally uploaded by Red Wolf


This austere yet impressive mid century modern home was designed in 1964 by architect Stephen Macdonald. Carefully maintained by the original owners, the 275 square metre house is now on the market, perhaps for the first time, in Holladay, Utah. Located on a half acre at 5457 South Cottonwood Club, it’s offered at $920,000 — via Curbed