1993 BMW K1100 RS / Impuls

This left-field custom is the work of Impuls in Munich, Germany. The team of Philipp Wulk and Matthias Pittner don’t care much for tradition. The donor bike was a 1993 BMW K1100 RS that had acted as a shop bike for a couple of years — via Bike EXIF


1949 International Style Home Remodel / Studio Bracket

Studio Bracket has designed the contemporary remodel of a 1949 International Style Home in Malibu, California. The original structure was built in 1949 and was the first home constructed in the Malibu Knolls region of Malibu. The house sits atop a bluff with views of the Malibu Pier, Surf Rider Beach, Malibu Lagoon to the south and the Santa Monica Mountains to the north — via CONTEMPORIST


Triumph Bonneville T120R Bobber / Pitstop

Pitstop is a team of three led by an Indonesian builder called Agung. They’re based in the hot and humid province of Central Java, and like most Indonesian builders they have to be incredibly resourceful and thrifty. Yet this does not seem to affect the quality of their work. This Bonneville is actually a T120R, one of the lesser-known Meriden models. It was an export version of the base bike, and branded as the Bonneville Speedmaster by dealers in the USA. It’s not an especially well-documented model, but the fuel tank was smaller and the bars had a slightly higher bend — via Bike EXIF


Swiss Miss House / Charles DuBois

This A-frame home was designed by architect Charles DuBois in 1958 in an effort to stand out from the architecture of other neighbourhood homes. Better known as a Swiss Miss House for its chalet-inspired shape, the home is unlike the surrounding butterfly or flat-roofed houses of Vista Las Palmas that were built by Joe Dunas and the Alexander Construction Company in the 1950s. DuBois envisioned a low-lying ranch home that was bifurcated by a steep, dramatic A-frame roof that rose straight from the ground. 755 West Crescent Drive is on the market now for $2,999,900 — via Curbed

Craft, History

Antikythera Fragment 03 / Clickspring

Antikythera Fragment #3 – Ancient Tool Technology – Hand Cut Precision Files

There are quite a few very interesting tools still to come in this Fragment series, but Clickspring has to admit he has been super excited about these: A set of hand cut files suitable for constructing the Antikythera Mechanism — via Youtube


Cree House / Albert Frey

There are plenty of stunning mid century modern homes in Palm Springs, but this one bedroom gem is straight out of a movie set. Called the Cree House and designed in 1955 by Swiss-born architect Albert Frey, the home was commissioned by prominent Palm Springs community leader Raymond Cree. But unlike many of the other stand-out buildings in the area, the flat-roofed, boxy home set into the rocky foothills was never open to the public. 67389 East Palm Canyon Drive is on the market now for $2,500,000 — via Curbed


African Painted Dog 8 Week Check Up / Zoo Miami

Zoo Miami’s newest litter of endangered African painted dogs received their follow-up 8 week exam which included getting weighed, having blood drawn and receiving vaccinations for distemper. This was only the second time that the puppies have been separated from their mother to be examined and they all did very well — via Youtube


Stoller House / Abraham Geller + George Nemeny

Located about 50 minutes from Manhattan in Rye, New York, this four-bedroom, three-bathroom home — also known as The Stoller House — boasts an impeccable mid century pedigree. Esteemed architectural photographerEzra Stoller, defined mid century modernism with his images. Stoller worked from the late 1930s into the 1980s capturing iconic structures such as Fallingwater, the Guggenheim Museum, the Seagram Building, and the TWA Terminal. In 1948 Stoller collaborated with two acclaimed mid century architects, Abraham Geller and George Nemeny, to create an airy, light-filled home just minutes from Long Island Sound. Contemporary additions have increased the home’s footprint to 270 square metre, but its mid century roots remain. The home sits on .74 acres with a flat lawn, a Japanese-influenced courtyard, and decks that overlook the forest. If this looks like your mid century dream, 16 Kirby Lane is on the market now for $2,200,000 — via Curbed


Geometric Pattern: Rounded Weave: Black/Cream/Gold / Red Wolf

— by Red Wolf


Time Fast D8 Clock / L’Epée

L’Epée has announced the new and entirely awesome Time Fast D8 clock. Based on the form of vintage race cars and toys of the same era, the Time Fast D8 is a 15-inch long table clock with rubber wheels, an open clock display, and a driver formed by a helmeted enclosure for the clock’s balance. Priced from $30,000, it’s not a watch, it’s not a car, but it is literally somewhere in-between — via HODINKEE

Craft, History

Antikythera Fragment 02 / Clickspring

Antikythera Fragment #2 – Ancient Tool Technology – The Original Dividing Plate?

One thing about this machine that is truly surprising, is just how small the teeth are.

There’s a well established theory as to how the tooth divisions were marked out, but employing that process to mark out multiple wheels has forced Clickspring to question whether it can reasonably be applied to the Antikythera Mechanism.

So in this video Clickspring proposes an alternative process of wheel division, using only the non precision tools of the period — via Youtube


Aerospace GMT Limited Edition / Zodiac

The 2019 Aerospace GMT is a modern re-edition of that very watch. The original Aerospace GMT has enjoyed a cult following since its release, but this new edition will open the watch up to new wrists with a 40mm case and modern reliability. There’s also a totally new colourway that leans hard into the funky tones from the ‘70s. Not to mention the fact that this is a GMT watch, on a bracelet, that’s offered at $1,695 — via HODINKEE


House Inside a Rock / Amey Kandalgaonkar

Inspired by the Mada’in Saleh rock tombs in Saudi Arabia, architectural designer Amey Kandalgaonkar has conceived a modern home embedded into the side of an enormous rock. Fit together like a Chinese puzzle box, the overall form is slowly revealed as Kandalgaonkar gives an aerial view of the site. It’s only when looked down upon from the sky that the minimalist façade reveals a much more complex construction at the rear of the megalithic rock — via My Modern Met