Red Panda Cubs Waveland & Sheffield on Exhibit / Lincoln Park Zoo

Born 24 June, the two cubs, Waveland (female) and Sheffield (male), named after Wrigley Field’s cross streets, have spent the last few months behind the scenes in their nest box. The cubs have grown more independent and have ventured on exhibit intermittently as they continue to acclimate to the friendly confines of their ivy-covered habitat. Thanks to a breeding recommendation from the Red Panda Species Survival Plan (SSP), which cooperatively manages the endangered population, these cubs are the second set in two years for Lincoln Park Zoo’s breeding pair Leafa (dam) and Phoenix (sire). Last year, the zoo celebrated its first-ever red panda cub litter including Clark (male) and Addison (female), now thriving at San Diego Zoo and Northeastern Wisconsin Zoo, respectively — via Youtube

2010 Triumph Bonneville Scrambler / 6/5/4 Motors

If you need inspiration, look no further than this 2010 Triumph Bonneville scrambler from Stockholm’s 6/5/4 Motors — via Bike EXIF

Plexus C18 / Gabriel Dawe

At San Antonio International Airport, Gabriel Dawe has installed a monumental, rainbow hued public art installation that emulates the dynamic shape of an airplane. Plexus C18 comprises a nearly 145km weaving of coloured thread hooked from wall to ceiling, suspended from the vaulted roof of the terminal and ticketing area. made up of more than 19 colours, the installation creates a prism-like effect that represents the full spectrum of visible light — via designboom

1975 Ducati 860 Cafe Racer / Fuller Moto

This 1975 Ducati 860’s savior was Bryan Heidt, a metal fabricator with a background in industrial design who has been working at Fuller Moto for eight years now. He proposed a joint project to Bryan Fuller, with Heidt handling the design and build in his own time. The plan was to keep a classic look, but make the Ducati handle and stop like a modern sport bike — via Bike EXIF

Malayan Tapir Calf / Antwerp Zoo

A Malayan Tapir was born at Antwerp Zoo on 7 October. This is the second baby for mother, Nakal. After thirteen months of pregnancy, the birth went very quickly and smoothly. The young calf is doing well and has been running around a lot. This is the seventh young Tapir for Antwerp, and with a little luck, patrons can catch a glimpse of the newest member — via  ZooBorns

Ladd / Krugger Motorcycles

This was commissioned by boutique jewellers Sansen & Gangi, who — like Krugger Motorcycles — are from Belgium. They wanted a bike that could represent their brand, while showing the rest of the world what Belgian artisans are capable of. Krugger’s dubbed his creation Ladd, after the historic dragstrip at the Ladd Air Force Base in Alaska — via Bike EXIF

1949 BSA 500 / Hazan Motorworks

This BSA is Max Hazan‘s latest meisterwerk, a nod to the past with swooping bodywork worthy of a 1930s Delahaye. But it took time: the 500cc engine sat on a table for over a year, then moved from one side of the shop to the other as Max studied its form and admired its simplicity — via Bike EXIF

Points-Based Citizenship (1972-) / Scarfolk Council

While politicians debated a points-based system for immigrants in the early 1970s, Scarfolk went a step further and introduced a similar system for existing citizens.

The council didn’t see why it should be burdened with unimportant, objectionable people.

Surprisingly, many citizens had never even entertained the idea that their country of birth was purely accidental and that their value to society might be lower than that of a pack of disposable nappies or a plate of tripe*, nevermind better educated, more civilised foreigners.

Between 1972 and 1976 thousands of British citizens were deported to an immense raft which floated five miles off the coast of Blackpool. Realising that they were now the foreigners they had previously denigrated, the deportees hurled racist abuse at themselves and each other and frequently got into fights.

* see Citizen Values for further details — via Scarfolk Council

BMW R nineT Classic / Roland Sands Design

In a different way, Roland Sands Design’s latest boxer is every bit as retro-fabulous as the Concept 90. That one was a homage to the iconic R 90 S, but this time Roland and his team took inspiration from elsewhere in BMW’s history. This started out as a rendering Roland did based on the 1937 r5 out of a new BMW R9T — via Bike EXIF

Bauhaus-Style Villa / Other Hessen, Germany

This Bauhaus-style villa in Other Hessen, Germany looks like a well maintained or perhaps renovated 1930s modernist build. That’s probably the point. But the reality is a 2006 property, the work of a well known architect (no name given) who has created something new, but with more than a hint of the old. If you like the idea of some old school modernism with a new school finish, this place is up for sale at €2,300,000 — via WowHaus

Bonneville Alliance / BAAK Motocyclettes

The rig, built by BAAK Motocyclettes of Lyon in France, is based on a 2015-model Triumph Bonneville T100 Black. The sidecar body is a Precision model from Alternative Side-Car in northern France; crafted from steel, it’s a design that has changed little since the 1930s. The chassis is linked to the Bonneville via six attachments, using a mix of fabricated clamps and already existing fixing spots — via Bike EXIF

1950s Googie-Inspired House / Glendale, California

Googie was a style of architecture that was seen from the 1940s into the 1960s, with the same derived from a coffee shop designed by John Lautner. Essentially it is architecture influenced by space and the future as seen from the era. So upswept roofs, angles, curves. Think something like The Jetsons, for example. It was a big thing when it came to coffee houses, motels and gas stations, but less so with residential architecture. This place is one surviving example of the latter.

A fascinating property and one that’s just gone on the market. The asking price is $769,000 — via WowHaus

Futuro House / Matti Suuronen

This Matti Suuronen-designed Futuro House in France is for sale via an estate agent and pitched as a holiday home, but without a location as such. Presumably you will need to get it shipped to a piece of land yourself. That might not be as hard as you initially think, as the prefabricated Futuro is completely removable. It consists of 16 sections, each bolting together to create the eight-metre (diameter) space age, almost alien-like structure. So not exactly a small job in terms of work or cost, but perhaps a little less than expected.

This one also has the original Futuro sleeper chairs still in place, which is a huge bonus. Beyond that, it is a space just waiting for a use or an upgrade for the 21st century. If you want it, you will need to offer something in the region of €130,000 — via WowHaus

Corsaiola 02 / Venier Customs

This Moto Guzzi V75 is the second build in Venier CustomsCorsaiola series. On the surface the two bikes look almost identical. But the differences—according to shop boss Stefano Venier—are where it counts — via Bike EXIF

Highwood / Stan Bolt

This Stan Bolt-designed modernist property in Sidmouth, Devon, is the work of the Brixham-based architect and the recipient of awards from RIBA, not to mention the Daily Telegraph Contemporary House of the year gong. Painfully modern but very cool, it is on the market for offers in excess of £900,000 — via WowHaus

Maschine 19 / Kaffeemaschine

Axel Budde of Kaffeemaschine has built this Moto Guzzi with his daughter Tilly in mind. She’s not yet three years old, so he’s thinking ahead at least 15 years — via Bike EXIF


The Professional Of Japan / Nissan Caravan

Due to an ageing population and young people gravitating away from the field the traditional skills and craftsmanship of Japan are at a danger of being lost forever. Nissan Caravan was born from this lineage of ultra-sophisticated skill and decided it was time to take a stand to ensure the continuation of this proud heritage. They made a movie showcasing some of the outstanding talent in Japan — via Youtube

Leggero GTS / Walt Siegl

No dream garage would be complete without a Walt Siegl Leggero series Ducati. Builds from the New Hampshire workshop are marked by incredible craftsmanship, blistering performance and wallet-melting desirability. A typical Walt Siegl Leggero is based on a two-valve Ducati, with a proprietary 4130 Chromoly frame. But this time around, Walt had a different configuration in mind — via Bike EXIF

Red Panda Cubs / Rosamond Gifford Zoo

A Red Panda cub appears to give its twin an earful as they make their media debut last week at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo. The cubs were born on 27 June, but they’ve still got a lot of growing to do before they enter their exhibit habitat to meet zoo guests.The cubs, one male and one female, are named Ravi, which means king, and Amiya, translated as delight. Second-time mother Tabei has been caring for the cubs in an off-exhibit nest box since their birth — via ZooBorns

1994 Moto Guzzi V65 / Ventus Garage

This remarkably stylish Moto Guzzi V65 comes from the ancient city of Kraków in Poland. It’s the work of a small shop we haven’t come across before, Ventus Garage. The fit and finish are almost at factory levels, and there are hints of KTM in the striking black-and-orange colour scheme — via Bike EXIF

Organic Time 1 Carbon Luminescent / Dietrich

Emmanuel Dietrich, a French-born, École Boulle design school graduate, with 20 years of experience in product design launched his eponymous watch company, just a few years ago. Starting with the OT-1 collection, which is short for Organic Time, followed by the OT-2 and OT-3 variants.

All of the Organic Time watches have the same case dimensions, movement, and dial. This is clearly a mono watch business model, which focuses on multiple variations of the same watch. However, it is worth noting that while other companies, such as SevenFriday, are using a similar business model, the Dietrich watches are, arguably, much more interesting.

The latest Dietrich model is the Organic Time 1 Carbon Luminescent, which most notably comes with a forged carbon bezel that is mixed with luminescent resin. The retail price is $1950 — via Professional Watches


Bronx Zoo Malayan Tiger Cubs / Wildlife Conservation Society

Two rare Malayan tiger cubs (Panthera tigris jacksoni) born at WCS’s (Wildlife Conservation Society) Bronx Zoo made their public debut at the popular Tiger Mountain exhibit in September of 2016. The cubs, Nadia and Azul, are both female and were born in January of 2016. In the days following the birth, their mother was not providing suitable maternal care so Bronx Zoo keepers intervened and hand-raised the cubs until they were fully weaned — via Youtube

Wooden Textiles / Elisa Strozyk

When you think of original designs, you know that you’re talking about something unique and special. An innovative design that can change our perception and visual culture: that is exactly what the German designer ArchDaily