Obituary: Wes Craven

Prolific horror filmmaker Wes Craven, who directed the slasher classic A Nightmare on Elm Street, has died aged 76, his family said in a statement.

Craven, who was also behind the 1990s horror hit Scream, died surrounded by his loved ones at his Los Angeles home after suffering from brain cancer, the statement said.

It is with deep sadness we inform you that Wes Craven passed away, the family said.

Our hearts are broken.

Craven suffered from ailing health over the past three years, but continued to work on projects including several television shows, a graphic novel and a new film, The Girl in the Photographs, which is set to premiere at the 2015 Toronto Film Festival next month.

He was awarded lifetime achievement awards by the New York City Horror Film Festival and the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, according to the Internet Movie Database — via redwolf.newsvine.com

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The Avengers pop art print collection / Art & Hue

Want some sixties style for your walls? You can’t get more stylish, or better typify the era, than The Avengers. They’re the inspiration for this new pop art print collection by Art & Hue.

The set of twelve prints have been produced in collaboration with StudioCanal — the official copyright holders of the show — and draw on the extensive archive held at Pinewood Studios. The print above, for example, is based on a publicity shot taken on the set of the episode called Never, Never Say Die.

Each print is designed employing half tone printing, and can come in a whole range of different colours. Add to that three different sizes, and the various sets of prints and there are loads of options for John Steed-ing and Emma Peel-ing your walls!

Prices range between £15 and £39 — via Retro To Go

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The Fifth Element Stones Pillar Candle Holders / antagonizer

For my project, I wanted to recreate The Fifth Element stones that were used to kill the evil in the weapon chamber in Egypt. It was evident that the movie versions were made out of polystyrene, but I wanted mine to be a bit more durable and long lasting, and so I ended up manufacturing them out of wood. Also, following my own rules on prop creation, I decided to turn them into functional pillar candle holders that I could use to decorate my dinner table during gatherings, as a conversation piece, or simply as an everyday accent — via Instructables

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How to make authentic horror movie blood / A History of Horror with Mark Gatiss

The sticky blood used in horror films of this period became known as Kensington Gore — a jokey reference to the London street of the same name. While Hammer’s special recipe remains obscure, Mark demonstrates his own favourite method.


  • 2 cups of Golden Syrup
  • 1 cup of Water
  • 10 teaspoons of Red food colouring
  • A few drops of Blue food colouring
  • A few drops of Yellow food colouring
  • 10 tablespoons of Corn Flour
  • Mint flavouring — to taste

— via Youtube

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Totoro Plush Tutorial / cheek and stitch

I put together a fun tutorial for you: DIY Totoro Plush Tutorial. It’s a little different than the Totoros I made earlier, but still just as cute. The pattern I created is more simple and the materials are cheap and easy to find. The finished plush will be 6.5″ wide and 8″ tall (not including ears or arms). I hope you find this tutorial enjoyable and make a Totoro plush for yourself or as a gift — via cheek and stitch


Obituary: ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper

The former professional wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper, known for wearing a kilt in the ring, has died aged 61.

Piper, born Roderick Toombs in Saskatchewan, Canada, was one of the main stars of the wrestling circuit from the mid-1980s.

During his career, he won more than 30 titles and was inducted into WWE’s Hall of Fame in 2005.

His death comes a month after that of Dusty Rhodes, another Hall of Fame member, aged 69.

The cause of Piper’s death was not revealed. He had successfully fought Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2006.

Roddy Piper was one of the most entertaining, controversial and bombastic performers ever in WWE, said chairman Vince McMahon — via redwolf.newsvine.com

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The Title Design of Saul Bass / Art of the Title

The Title Design of Saul Bass from Art of the Title on Vimeo

To celebrate the release of the long-awaited book Saul Bass: A Life in Film & Design, we put together a brief visual history of some of Saul Bass’s most celebrated work.

It should be noted that much of Saul’s title design work after 1960 was made in collaboration with his wife Elaine Bass


Hollywood Hitmen

Starring Enver Gjokaj and Maximilian Osinski. With (in Alphabetical Order): Cerina Vincent, Dichen Lachman, Jessy Schram, Matthew Holmes and Oded Fehr — via Youtube

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Star Wars Woodblock Prints / Masami Ishikawa

Part of a crowdfunding project on Makuake.com, these limited-edition woodblock prints, officially licensed by Lucasfilm, were designed by artist Masami Ishikawa, engraved by master engravers, and hand printed by a master printer — via Youtube

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Hobbes / seamster

Early versions of Hobbes were very cartoony, and things like the shape of the nose and the number and placement of stripes were not always consistent. His proportions also appear to have changed slightly over the years. Later versions were crisp, clean and very consistent in the features. I based my Hobbes doll off of pictures that appear in the later strips.

To create the pattern, I broke the doll down into separate basic shapes. After some trial and error, I had a pattern that yielded all the needed body parts that fit together to my liking.

This pattern requires creating and stuffing all of the different body parts separately, hand stitching them all in place, and then hand stitching all of the stripes in place individually.

If that wasn’t completely clear, this project requires a ton of hand stitching. You’ve been warned! — via Instructables

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Super Mario Bros 3 Crocheted Blanket / Kjetil Nordin

Skilled superfan Kjetil Nordin spent 800 hours over six years crocheting this amazing blanket that features a screenshot of the map of World 1 from Super Mario Bros 3.

This incredibly detailed piece of crochet has all the fun little features and figures found on the Super Mario Bros 3 world map, including a lurching Hammer Bros and a cry for help coming from the castle — via Neatorama


Obituary: Patrick Macnee

Actor Patrick Macnee, star of The Avengers TV series, has died in California at the age of 93.

The Briton, best known for playing John Steed in the 1960s television spy show, died at home with his family at his bedside, his son Rupert said.

Macnee, who served in the Royal Navy during World War Two, also played roles in theatre, appearing on Broadway.

Avengers co-star Dame Diana Rigg paid tribute, saying: Patrick was a very dear man and I owe him a great deal.

A statement on Mcnee’s website read: Wherever he went, he left behind a trove of memories.

He died peacefully at his home in California’s Rancho Mirage on Thursday, Rupert said — via redwolf.newsvine.com


Obituary: Christopher Lee

Sir Christopher Lee, known as the master of horror, has died at the age of 93 after being hospitalised for respiratory problems and heart failure.

The veteran actor, immortalised in films from Dracula to The Wicker Man, and via James Bond villainy to the Lord of the Rings trilogy, died at 8.30am on Sunday morning at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London.

His wife, the former Danish model Birgit Kroencke, decided to hold back the information for four days until all family members and friends were informed. The couple had been married for more than 50 years and had one daughter, Christina. Christopher Lee: share your tributes Read more

The actor was knighted in 2009 for services to drama and charity, and was awarded the Bafta fellowship in 2011.

News of his death prompted an outpouring of grief from actors, musicians, and even the prime minister; all paid tribute to Lee’s great talent.

If Sir Christopher Lee had just been a movie star, he would still have been an icon. But he had an amazing life even beyond his incredible body of work. Whether you’re still lamenting his passing or unsure why his death is such a loss, here’s 22 reasons why Christopher Lee will always be a legend — via redwolf.newsvine.com


Black Angel (1980) / Roger Christian

Accompanied by an exclusive introduction from the director Roger Christian, the incredible fantasy short returns. Black Angel was first released in certain cinemas ahead of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back in 1980. Lost for 35 years, it has been found and restored to its former glory — via Youtube

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How Eddie Van Halen Hacks a Guitar

My playing style really grew from the fact that I couldn’t afford a distortion pedal. I had to try to squeeze those sounds out of my guitar. The first real work I did was in my bedroom. I added pickups, because I didn’t like the sound of the originals. I couldn’t afford a router — I didn’t even know what a router was — so I started hammering away with a screwdriver. That didn’t work at all. Chunks of wood flew off and there was sawdust flying all over the place. But I was on a mission. I knew what I wanted and I just kept at it until I finally got there — via Popular Mechanics



ROTOR from DPPLR on Vimeo

A lone night security guard in an eerie factory sees an intruder on one of the monitors and goes to investigate.

Starring: Raymond Thiry
Directed by: Maarten Groen
Written by: Nils Vleugels

ROTOR was produced by DPPLR in Amsterdam

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Royal Victorian Manor / Groundhog Day

Don’t tell me you don’t remember it. Because it sure as heckfire remembers you. The B and B? From Groundhog Day? Bing. The house that weatherman Phil Connors keeps waking up in without hot water, to his consternation? Bing again. The house is on the market. Yes, you too can sleep in the master suite and set your clock radio to déjà vu for the price of $785,000.

The house, located in the northwest Chicago suburb of Woodstock, is a 540.23m² Victorian with seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms. Currently, the property is an actual bed and breakfast called the Royal Victorian Manor — via Neatorama

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Touch Pianist

Touch Pianist is a web toy that let’s you play famous piano pieces on your computer keyboard. No musical skill needed! The notes are there in visual form; all you have to do is hit any keys to make them play. It’s a little like Guitar Hero, except the controls don’t matter, you set the tempo, and you can’t lose. The only skill you need is to keep the tempo going in a way that makes it sound pleasant to you. The default screen is Moonlight Sonata, but you can pull down other choices — via Neatorama

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The Twilight Zone / Shag

Don’t go looking for The Twilight Zone limited edition prints by Shag at his own online store. The only place to get any variation is at theDark Hall Mansion website.

The hugely popular artist is the the first guest to take on the challenge of the iconic TV show as part of a new and ongoing series of prints. There is, of course, a richly coloured edition of the artwork, but not only that — you can also get a black and white homage to the show as well as an extremely select, signed, foil edition of just 15.

All the prints are signed and numbered by Shag and measure 22 x 39 inches, with the standard in a run of 150, the variant in a run of 50. The standard will sell for $325, the variant for $450 ad the foil edition will cost you $575 — via Retro To Go


Game of Chairs / Sesame Street

The Game of Chairs will determine who will be king or queen of Jesteros. Four players will march around three chairs while music plays until one remains. Who will take the crown in this game of musical chairs? Robb, Cersei, Joffrey, Daenerys or…? — via Youtube


Confessions of an Idiom / Amanda Koh + Mollie Helms

Confessions of an Idiom from Amanda Koh on Vimeo

Everyone has Skeletons in their Closet but what happens if one day the Elephant in the Room decides to make the Skeleton in the Closet bring the truth to light? The Skeleton isn’t one to confess to his crimes so easily. Mayhem ensues in this power struggle with a world full of idioms.

This film was done by Amanda Koh and Mollie Helms at Ringling College of Art + Design