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HTML5 Drum Machine

The HTML5 Drum Machine borrows its aesthetics from classic beat boxes like the TR-808 Rhythm Composer. It’s got five different sound banks: Hip hop, electro, house, techno, and acoustic. Each bank has 13 different sounds for which you can tweak the individual volume and tone. Pick your bank, hit play, and lay down your instruments on the 16-step sequencer interface that runs across the bottom. After you’ve laid down your beat, you can export it as a WAV — via Gizmodo Australia

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Baymax Crochet Hat / Repeat Crafter Me

Know a little Big Hero 6 fan who’s got Baymax on the brain? Go ahead and turn their enthusiasm into a woolly reality with this adorable crocheted Baymax hat. The pattern is by Sarah of Repeat Crafter Me, and despite the impressive likeness to the Big Hero 6 character, she says this is actually a fairly quick pattern to make since it’s practically all one colour — via Make:


Obituary: Terry Pratchett

Sir Terry Pratchett, fantasy author and creator of the Discworld series, has died aged 66, eight years after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

The world has lost one of its brightest, sharpest minds, said Larry Finlay of his publishers Transworld.

The author died at home, surrounded by his family, with his cat sleeping on his bed, he added.

Sir Terry wrote more than 70 books during his career and completed his final book last summer.

He enriched the planet like few before him and through Discworld satirised the world with great skill, enormous humour and constant invention, said Mr Finlay.

Terry faced his Alzheimer’s disease (an embuggerance, as he called it) publicly and bravely, said Mr Finlay.

Over the last few years, it was his writing that sustained him. His legacy will endure for decades to come.

Sir Terry leaves wife Lyn and daughter Rhianna — via redwolf.newsvine.com

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles / Nichole’s Nerdy Knots

Get out your yarn and crochet hook and get ready to party with your favourite advantageously irradiated reptiles with this incredible Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pattern! Of course, no Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shindig would be complete without a pepperoni pizza, so Nichole’s Nerdy Knots has included one in her pattern as well — via Make:

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Lament Configuration Puzzle Box / Robin Nylund

Artist Robin Nylund created his puzzle box using brass sheeting, which were etched with stencils that seem identical to the original Hellraiser movie props. Once the etching process was complete, he then glued the etched brass sheets to a stained wooden, cleaned the excess run-off with some acetone and then finished it off with a coat of lacquer — via Make:

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Gaming Joystick Coat Hook / Posh Totty Designs Interiors

The original Atari console was the inspiration for the Gaming Joystick Coat Hook. Attach it to your wall and you’ll have three small metal hooks for keys and other small items, an inner compartment for money, letters and so on, along with the large joystick itself for your coat or coats. Note that it needs to be self-assembled (but you’ll get everything you need for the finished design), with the price at £16 — Retro To Go

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Luke Skywalker Lightsabre Ring / Drew Rummell

Buy a ring for her that will have her saying: A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I said I Do! Our rings are always designed with fashion and character in mind. This Luke Skywalker inspired lightsabre design is finely crafted from 14k white gold with 14k yellow gold accents. Every detail has been carefully inspected to ensure that this is as true to form as possible. The ring was designed with the purpose of being an elegant wedding/anniversary/birthday ring which includes the special element that any huge fan of the Star Wars universe would be thrilled to own — via Etsy


Obituary: Leonard Nimoy

US actor Leonard Nimoy, who played Mr Spock in the cult sci-fi series Star Trek, has died at the age of 83 in Los Angeles, his family has said.

His son, Adam, said he died of end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease on Friday morning.

Nimoy had a long career as both an actor and director.

However he was best known for his portrayal of the half-human, half-Vulcan character in both the TV franchise and series of films.

Last year, the actor revealed he was suffering chronic lung disease COPD, despite stopping smoking 30 years ago.

It was reported earlier this week he had been taken to hospital on 19 February after suffering from chest pains.

He later tweeted:

He signed off what was to be his final tweet with LLAP — a reference to his character’s famous catchphrase, Live long and prosper — via redwolf.newsvine.com


Bar Talk / Lowell Northrop

Bar Talk (short film) from Lowell Northrop on Vimeo

In a dusty Texas bar, a chatty stranger insists on striking up a conversation with the man sitting next to him. The more this out-of-towner talks, the more obvious it is he’s not from ’round here. Heck, he’s not even from this planet! Based on the short story by legendary author Joe R Lansdale (Bubba Ho-Tep, Cold in July)


Old/New / Red Giant

Old/New is the story of Drew McHugh, a man whose penchant for the new — new devices, new fashion, new friends — is challenged when he discovers the rustic appeal of old-fashioned things. He quickly becomes obsessed with the reclaimed and well-worn — plummeting face-first down the rabbit hole of novelty and nostalgia — via Youtube

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Flynn’s Arcade / Joel Baker

To many of you, this may look like just another building created in the popular Café Corner style. But to those of us that were creatures of the Eighties, it’s immediately recognisable as Flynn’s, the videogame arcade featured in the 1982 pre-cyberspace pre-Matrix movie TRON.

Using fluorescent bricks and black light, Joel Baker has managed to impart his creation with the neon look and feel of the original. It has a complete interior featuring all manner of vintage arcade machines, and even the secret doorway that appeared in the 2010 follow-up TRON Legacy — via The Brothers Brick

Flynn’s Arcade originally uploaded by Joel Baker

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Razer: how Triple J de-listicled Buzzfeed over #Tay4Hottest100

Yesterday, global internet company Buzzfeed was handed its own viral arse on a plate prepared by local top-down media. Now, if you’re a grown-up, you might not care that the publisher of omg wtf failed in its attempts to influence a radio music poll. But, if, like me, you’re an ancient twit obsessed with the last stages of a battle between terrestrial and digital values, you probably enjoyed the point scored over the International House of Lol by ABC Radio. Goodness knows, I did.

For some weeks, an internet campaign helmed by the listicles website sought to influence the annual Triple J Hottest 100 music countdown. The push to see Taylor Swift, a platinum-selling Grammy-winning New England blonde best described to the oblivious as a fusion of Grace Kelly with an applicator tampon ad jingle, on what was held as a snobbish and even sexist hit-list was the subject of a hundred feelpinion posts.

The argument for inclusion of the artist, who had never been played on the popular ABC youth network, proceeded roughly thus: many discerning young women enjoy the buoyant anti “Hater” song Shake It Off therefore, the network’s refusal to acknowledge this partiality was an act of naked sexism. Not only did the institution hold fast with rockist orthodoxy by withholding an anthem of free-and-easy feminine freedom, but it maintained top-down principles of Father Knows Best in an age of internet liberty. Omg. Wtf. No one understands millennials and their right to Upvote the Best Viral Content On The Web.

Some of the argument countering this Fuck The Gatekeepers moment missed the mark. Bondi Hipsters, apparently a comedy duo, typify the worst responses with their “open letter” published by News Corp today. Perhaps it’s a clumsy in-joke when the Hipsters characterise Swift fans as bogans — certainly, this Basic Bitch is beloved by a judicious middle class enamoured of their own catholic taste — but it nonetheless captures the nature of the meanest objection to the #Tay4Hottest100. This, in short, was one that held that the old-fashioned cultural distinction between elite and common artefacts — one that pro-Tay commentators said concealed added sexism — was valid.

Of course, this distinction is no longer valid. Frankly, it’s no longer valuable. Cultural capital was once a simple matter and acquired by the most orthodox and simple means: the bourgeoisie enjoyed literary fiction and the working class consumed comic books. It was back in the ’60s that critics decided it was all text and that to declare something outside this category was neither plausible nor chic. Relativism is hardly a novel fucking argument and I can remember being an ’80s teen at pains to define myself through my “democratic” and “un-ironic” appreciation of both pop and politics. It ain’t new.

These days, the middle class defines itself not so much through its attachment to particular artefacts but through its attachment to a combination of artefacts. Pierre Bourdieu, the ’70s foremost critic of cultural capital, would be overwhelmed by the chore of describing the taste of the young modern who must, to maintain her value, appear equally moved by Marvel and Muarkami, by Tay-Tay and Tame Impala.

The charge of cultural stasis is an old injunction and one Triple J heeded years ago and answered with surprising force in its response to the Buzzfeed campaign yesterday. I suspect that their Buzzfeed parody site, which describes in listicles form all the reasons that Swift would not be honoured by the station, was the work of the best creative PR crisis response public money can buy. But, it was worth it. It managed to convey a subtle and brand-building message to an Upvoting demographic in a language they understand — via redwolf.newsvine.com

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Record label and album cotton bags / Ace Records

You might love the records or you might simply appreciate the designs, either way these record label and album cotton bags at Ace Records are a great thing to own. The bags feature designs of either classic labels featured in the Ace Records catalogue or equally classic compilation albums, taking in everything from early R&B, soul and jazz through to early punk and of course, much in-between. Checking all the range out is the best thing you can do. If you see one that’s ideal for carrying round your long players (or a small top-up shop), you can buy any of the designs for £10 — via Retro To Go


The Hitchcock Gallery / Steven Benedict

The Hitchcock Gallery from Steven Benedict on Vimeo

This short video-essay examines various themes and techniques Alfred Hitchcock developed throughout his career. Using 40 titles, it includes every feature film Hitchcock made from 1934 right through to his retirement in 1976. Of the several themes on display here (falling, ascending and descending staircases, opening curtains, reading newspapers, poisoning drinks, women’s hairstyles, shoes, train compartments, sleeping and dreaming, pulling away from and dollying in on the action, overhead shots and characters looking directly into the camera), there are yet others for fellow essayists to examine further (looking through and climbing in and out of windows, nuns and clergymen, eating food, kissing in the countryside, women wearing glasses and people playing games such as tennis, hide-and-seek, fancy-dress and blindman’s bluff)


Obituary: Brian Clemens

The scriptwriter and producer Brian Clemens, responsible for TV hits such as The Avengers, New Avengers and The Professionals, has died aged 83.

Clemens, honoured by The Queen in 2010 for services to broadcasting and drama, died on Saturday, his family confirmed.

He wrote various television series including The Baron, The Persuaders, The Protectors, Danger Man, The Invisible Man and Bergerac.

One of his sons, George Clemens, said: He was a true inspiration.

He told the BBC: The world has lost a really great man who has given so much.

Born in Croydon in 1931, Clemens had his first work commissioned by the BBC in 1955.

He went on to be a staff writer for a film and TV production company, before enjoying considerable success with a huge number of TV scripts in the 1960s.

His production companies created The New Avengers and The Professionals, while Clemens also wrote for a number of US shows including Remington Steele, Perry Mason and the Highlander TV series.

He wrote and produced for Hammer Films, while his screenplay credits included Highlander II: The Quickening — via redwolf.newsvine.com


Dji. Death fails / Simpals

Dji. Death fails from simpals on Vimeo

Animation studio Simpals (located in Moldova) produced its fourth short animated film Dji. Death fails

Dji is an unusual death. The Dark Knight has appeared in a different form. No, he is not white and fluffy. Dji is just terribly unlucky. All he has to do is to take the soul of a dying man. But the screenwriters prepared some obstacles for Dji. Will he manage to overcome them? You’ll see.

Directed by Dmitri Voloshin


Obituary: Rod Taylor

Australian actor Rod Taylor, who starred in Alfred Hitchcock’s thriller The Birds, has died aged 84, according to reports in the US.

Taylor, who lived in the United States, is said to have died at his home in Los Angeles after a dinner party.

He came to prominence in the 1960s, starring alongside Hollywood greats like Jane Fonda and Richard Burton.

In 2009, he made a cameo as ex-UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill in Quentin Tarantino’s film Inglourious Basterds.

He got his first leading role in the 1960 adaptation of HG Wells’ science-fiction classic The Time Machine and went on to star in several hit films in the 1960s and 1970s.

He also voiced one of the Dalmatian dogs in Disney’s animated hit 101 Dalmatians — via redwolf.newsvine.com

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Prototype / Viktoria Modesta

Latvian pop singer and model Viktoria Modesta recently released her first music video and became known as the world’s first amputee pop singer. Seen in her video and in promotional shots wearing several cool, futuristic prostheses, Modesta is making a bold statement about not letting such a disability be a limitation, but rather a benefit.

Modesta was born with a dislocated hip and leg, which had a negative impact on her mobility and social life as a youth. She went through 15 surgeries in her country of origin before moving to London in the hopes of superior medical care. She endured several more surgeries in London before opting to amputate her leg, a move which she says changed her life for the better. Now Modesta enjoys being an inspiration to others with physical setbacks.

Visit Victoria’s website, Facebook and Instagram to learn more about her — via Neatorama

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Cthulhumas Cookies 2014 / Maika Keuben

It goes without saying that I’ve tried these cookies myself, which was both reckless and prudent because I learned that I needed to include a warning with the boxes I’ve been sending to people. While eating them, one sometimes hears ancient voices speaking in alien tongues and notices cats, birds and/or trees casting multiple shadows. However these are merely signs of a strictly temporary lunacy that does eventually pass. All essential rites were observed and incantations uttered by me throughout the preparation process. And what’s a little madness and abject terror if it means I’m able to put a smile (however demented) on the face of a friend? Cthulhu fhtagn — Imgur

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Hydra Pin / ThinkGeek

This iconic Hydra logo lapel pin can be seen on Johann Schmidt’s hat and black leather overcoat on his Hero SS costume in Captain America: The First Avenger. And this isn’t just based on that pin — it’s actually cast from the screen-used prop. So, get a Hydra Pin today and let everyone know that if they cut off your head, two more will grow in its place… or something like that — ThinkGeek

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Cirrus X3 Rocket Pack / Valor Design

If you remember the film The Rocketeer, there’s a good chance that you wanted a Cirrus X3 Rocket pack. Unfortunately, a working model isn’t availalble (yet), but Steve Radtke of Valor Design made one that could almost convince someone that it could take off. From the pictures, it looks flawless — via MAKE

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Hyper Scootaloo / morisato54

Kids can often seem to have inexhaustible reserves of energy especially in the eyes of an adult. And Scootaloo is simply bursting with pep when it comes to lending a hoof to Rainbow Dash even if it’s just to take out the trash. I just wish I had a little helper to get these automata done sooner!

Scootaloo and the stand are carved out of Philippine mahogany while the gears are made out of narra hardwood. She’s hand painted in enamel and protected with flat lacquer. Scootaloo stands at 3 1/2″ while the entire piece measures 5 3/4″ high, 2 1/2″ wide, and 4 3/4″ long. Everything took 71 1/2 hours to make — via Youtube

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Predator House / Kalmar, Sweden

This lovely villa is up for sale in Kalmar, Sweden, and from the outside, it looks pretty normal. That is until you start noticing the Predator masks adorning the walls, before coming to the giant Predator statue, right next to the door that leads into an Home Theatre seen in the header image above, designed to look like a Predator Spaceship — via Kinja

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Buy The Original Batmobile You Never Knew Existed

This is the real original Batmobile. Built in 1963 in a barn, it’s a ’56 Oldsmobile 88 with a body fashioned after the 1950s comic book Batmobiles. It’s the very first car DC Comics ever licensed, and it’s for sale, hitting the auction block with Heritage Auctions in December — via Supercompressor

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Doctor Who Series 8 Retro Poster Collection / Stuart Manning

We are proud to announce an all new stunning art collection celebrating series 8 of Doctor Who. Created especially for publication in the Radio Times by artist Stuart Manning in time for each episode, the posters were all individually designed in a retro style. Particular attention was paid to create striking imagery combined with gorgeous period typography — via Big Chief Studios


The Doomsday Armageddon Apocalypse / The Middleman

The Middleman: The Doomsday Armageddon Apocalypse read by the reunited cast: Matt Keeslar, Natalie Morales, Brit Morgan, Mary Pat Gleason, Jake Smollett, Brendan Hines and special guest star Mark Sheppard at the 2009 San Diego Comic Con — via Youtube


The Internet Arcade

The Internet Archive has long been one of the coolest sites on the web, thanks to its incredible collection of long-forgotten web pages and public domain films. They added home console games to the mix with the Console Living Room late last year, and now they’ve unveiled The Internet Arcade — a browser-friendly collection of classic arcade games that will blow your mind.

The list of games includes well-known titles like Frogger, Amidar, Joust, Lode Runner, Rally-X and Zaxxon along with hundreds of lesser known games — many of which had slipped my mind. Because the emulations use the original game ROMs, you’ll have to sit through a few seconds of power-up self tests and deal with odd control arrangements on a few titles. Thankfully, the Internet Archivists have created a page of games that should run at full speed on most hardware — via Retro Thing