Roundhouse / Peter Berkin

True to its name, the Peter Berkin designed Roundhouse in Deanshanger, England, has an unusual circular layout. More specifically, the timber-clad home arches into a semi-circle with a brick courtyard tucked into the middle. The property, described as a giant wooden spaceship when it was featured on the iconic British show Grand Designs in 2014, is now on the market for £900,000 — via Curbed


Palos Park Modernist Residence / Richard Klarish

This custom-built home in Palos Park, Illinois, was designed in 1957 by architect S Richard Klarish and is a 1950s time capsule with its own bowling alley. Bold, sprawling, individual and unashamedly modern for its time, this is a house that wants to be the future. Even now, this is a design like no other. Angles, curves, walls of glass and an intentional lack of uniformity. There’s something going on wherever you look at it. The design also hints at the vast space within. There will be fairly substantial renovation costs, but even allowing for that, $300,000 seems a reasonable price for something as interesting and substantial as this — via WowHaus


Landaburu Borda Annex / Jordi Hidalgo Tané

Part hill, part house, this modern extension of an old stone home in Navarra, Spain, is literally one with the landscape. Spanish studio Jordi Hidalgo Tané designed the annex to extend the living space of the original house, but instead of matching the stone exterior, the addition swings in the complete opposite direction toward sleek and modern — via Curbed


Lego Technic Bugatti Chiron

Lego Technic built a 1:1 version of the iconic Bugatti Chiron. Not only does it look like the real thing, it also drives as well — and to prove it they took it for a spin on the same German track where Bugatti do their testing — via Youtube


Writer’s Studio / Eric Smith

Architect Eric Smith has designed a small writer’s studio that’s located in Connecticut and is home to a 1,700 volume collection of poetry.

The studio is a place where its owner can write and read poetry as well as escape from aspects of modern life. It can also be used to meditate among tall oaks, observe wildlife, and reflect on philosophical and artistic ideas — via Contemporist


The Fieldhouse / Hoedemaker Pfeiffer

Seattle-based architecture firm Hoedemaker Pfeiffer has designed The Fieldhouse, a building that’s designated for family and friends to gather on an island property in Washington State.

The garden pavilion draws inspiration from the Pacific Northwest, local materials, and the vernacular stone and timber structures built across the country in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps — via Contemporist


Group B Series 2 Safari / Autodromo

The soft articulation of the bracelet, the properly proportioned dimensions of the 39.5mm case, and the way the watch captured the motoring spirit made the Autodromo Group B Series 2 an instant hit. It brought new fans into the fold as well, priced at $975. Now, we have the Group B Series 2 Safari, the same watch mechanically, but with a visual twist that riffs off of Safari rallying, a niche corner of motorsport with an incredible amount of depth — via Hodinkee


Bubble House / Claude Hausermann-Costy

Claude Hausermann-Costy’s Bubble House in Uzes, Gard is on the market. A 1970s design, but based on ideas that took root back in the 1960s. Back in that decade artists and architects were exploring new approaches to the way we built houses, moving away from the traditional brick build. One of those ideas was to create something that was more in keeping with nature and with new techniques available to architects and builders, it only needed someone to take the leap of faith and move things off the drawing board and into reality. That someone was Joel Unal, who built the Bubble House you see here in 1972, using a steel frame sprayed with concrete and using plans conceived by Claude Hausermann-Cost — via WowHaus


Tokyo Nights / James Berreau

James Berreau works out of his garage in Minneapolis with little more than a bike lift, TIG welder, and his granddad’s WWII-era lathe on hand. And short of a few suspension and wheel swaps, the 1981 Honda CB900F is his first full custom motorcycle build — via Bike EXIF


The Barn / Paul Uhlmann Architects

Appropriately named The Barn, this weekend getaway in Pullenvale, a suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, is a painstakingly considered balance of rustic and modern, a stable-like residence without any of the mess that comes along with farm living.

The house features soaring cathedral ceilings, wood-clad interior, and expansive barn door-esque openings that connect the home to the forested surroundings. The ground floor of the home is barn-like in spirit, if not in actual materiality.

Paul Uhlmann Architects framed the open-plan layout with pale Australian hardwood and exposed beams that rise from the concrete floor up to the ceiling. A big span of windows at one end shower light onto the kitchen, while a sliding door connects the dining area directly to the grassy lawn — via Curbed

Business, Design

The School of Architecture at Taliesin’s Board Votes to Rescind Closure

The Board of Directors for The School of Architecture at Taliesin (SoAT) has decided to reverse its 25 January vote and keep the school open. Last month, it was announced that the school would be closing after 88 years. The SoAT Board has stated that they have secured additional funding and have long-term operating viability — via Bike EXIF


1973 Yamaha RD 200 Custom / C Custom Garage

The base bike was a 1973 RD 200, making it one of the earliest in the Yamaha series. In their C Custom Garage workshop in the bustling town of Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal, Pedro and Filipe Costa immediately removed and dismantled the engine, and stripped the rest of the Yamaha down to its component parts — via Bike EXIF


Asheville Residence / Ross Smith

Before the cladding went onto architect Ross Smith’s Asheville, North Carolina, home, it looked, he says, like a big green wedge dropped from outer space. The geometric structure needed the white pine boards on the exterior to soften the sharp angles. It also needed some round shapes, some circles and curves, to strike the right note. Hence the playful circular windows that bookend the dining nook and the entryway — via Curbed

Art, Design

Walala Pump & Go / Camille Walala

The Walala Pump & Go really is unexpected. Camille Walala and a team of local volunteers took over the station, which sits at an otherwise nondescript intersection of town, and turned it into a bomb of colour and geometries. They painted the station with a black and white striped pattern, punctuated by splashes of deep blue, yellow, and pastel pink. Every inch of the old station is covered in the patterns, effectively turning the building into a building-size optical illusion — via Curbed


Cornerstone House / Splinter Society

Architecture and interior design studio Splinter Society, has designed Cornerstone House in Northcote, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, that pays tribute to the rugged beauty inspired by the project site itself, referencing the quarries that once typified the area — via Contemporist


Zicatela House / Ludwig Godefroy

What this concrete house lacks in cosiness, it makes up for in sculptural appeal. Designed by Mexico City-based architect Ludwig Godefroy, the Zicatela House, named for a nearby beach in the port town of Puerto Escondido, Mexico, is built like a fortress. And like a port dwelling in ancient times, the home’s design channels defensive architecture — via Curbed


Katalan / Fernweh Bespoke Motors

This Hero Karizma scrambler is Mohamed Adhil’s first build. It took over two years to complete, went through a couple of major revisions, and shattered the budget. And Adhil did most of the work in the backyard of his home in the coastal city of Calicut, in India’s Kerala province — via Bike EXIF