The Perfect City / BBC

Working with the team at BBC Culture Al Boardman designed and animated this short video about the race to create the perfect city. With voiceover from Jonathan Glancey, this video explores the history behind mankind’s need to design ideal urban living — via Vimeo


Retro games flooring / Atrafloor

If you want to add a playful twist to any room in the hour, check out the retro games flooring by Atrafloor. Everything from a chess board to vintage console and handhelds are represented here, depending on how retro or classic you want to go. The price is dependent on how much you need, but expect to pay around £59 per square metre — via Retro to Go

Design, Wildlife

HexHives / BEEcosystem

The chief feature of any BEEcosystem hive is that it gives a literal window into the bee colony it houses. The hexagon-shaped module is framed in cedar and fronted with a pane of glass. Side vents can be opened and closed to connect multiple modules or to keep the bees contained if you need to move the hive.

How do the bees get inside your house? The hive can be connected to a tube that runs to a small window unit—sort of like a miniature version of vent tube for a portable air conditioner. The window unit has the added benefit of providing bees with an ideal platform for take-off and landing. The tube has a safety mechanism that instantly snaps closed if it’s ever disconnected.

BEEcosystems start at $599 for a one-hex hive — via Curbed


Neko Modern Cat Tree / Rinn + Yoh Komiyama

Reconsidered and redesigned from the bottom up, the Neko Modern Cat Treelooks comprises a modernist architectural sculpture for a mere 1 million yen (that’s nearly €6,500 and $7,500!). The piece has been created by cat product company RINN who teamed up with Japanese designer Yoh Komiyama — via designboom


£70,000 Patek Philippe vs £4,000 Omega / Watchfinder & Co

Watchfinder & Co presents:

Let’s get straight to it—the Patek Philippe 5170P in my right hand is worth almost 20 times as much as the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch in my left. With the Omega clocking an RRP of just over £4,000, that places the 5170P at a whopping £73,000. While some of that cost gets you a platinum case and diamonds on the dial, it’s safe to say that most of it is spent on the bit you don’t often get to see—the calibre CH 29-535 PS movement. But with the Omega carrying a similar hand-wound manual chronograph calibre 1863 movement for a fraction of the price, what are you really getting when you spend all that extra money?

— via Youtube


Void Rug / Scott Jarvie

Scottish designer Scott Jarvie, has created the Void Rug, a 100% merino wool floor rug that when placed on the floor and viewed from a certain angle, it gives an illusion of depth — via CONTEMPORIST


Sol Friedman House / Frank Lloyd Wright

An intriguing, saucer-like Frank Lloyd Wright home has come on the market in the Usonia community in Pleasantville, New York. Built in 1948, the Sol Friedman House, or Toyhill, as it was nicknamed, boasts a unique floorplan of two intersecting circles topped by mushroom-like roofs, whose motif continues in the mushroom-shaped carport nearby. The property at 11 Orchard Brook Drive, just 50 minutes north of New York City, is offered at $1.5 million — via Curbed


Tolstoy House / John Lautner

The John Lautner-designed Tolstoy House in Alta Loma, California dates back to 1962 and is made up of three detached structures connected by a steel cable roof system and topped by light-weight wood sheathing, with semi-circular windows throwing in even more wow factor. Bold and striking. If you fancy owning a Lautner, this one is up for $1,488,000 — via WowHaus


Lloyd’s Signal Station / Fox and Company Shipping Agents

Lloyd’s Signal Station on the Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall was built in 1872 by Fox and Company Shipping Agents as a communication hub for passing trading vessels using flags. Lloyds took it on in 1883, operating until 1969. That resulted in an opportunity for someone to take it on. As you can see, it was eventually taken on as a residential property, becoming one of the mainland’s most southerly homes. £695,000 is the guide price for this one — via WowHaus


Optical Illusion Tile Installation / Casa Ceramica Tile Company

Looking at this picture, it seems pretty obvious that something is seriously wrong with the floor… right? And yet, as we should all know by now, things aren’t always as they seem, no matter how hard our brains try to reconcile the fact that a flat surface can look so believably sunken on one side. It’s kind of hard to wrap your mind around the fact that the effect is achieved simply by warping the shape of the tiles as they’re applied to the floor. Casa Ceramica Tile Company created the illusion for the entrance to their own showroom in Manchester, UK — via Urbanist


MV Agusta F4 / Red Wolf

MV Agusta F4 and MV Agusta F4 tank originally uploaded by Red Wolf

Design, History

Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona Becomes The World’s Most Expensive Wristwatch

Well, it happened. The hammer has fallen on Paul Newman’s very own Paul Newman Daytona, and it has become the most expensive watch ever sold at auction, fetching $17,752,500 (including buyer’s premium) at Phillips in New York City. While many people thought the iconic watch would surely break records, likely beating the most expensive Daytona ever sold and the most expensive Rolex ever sold, it is still a surprise to see the iconic chronograph break the record for most expensive wristwatch — via Hodinkee

Art, Design

Mondrian Vinyl Flooring / Atrafloor

If you need a room brightening up, then look no further than this Mondrian-inspired flooring at Atrafloor. In fact, the design itself is called Mondrian, so no denying the inspiration of the Dutch artist. His work forms the basis of this wonderful geometric flooring design, which is made to order and made to fit your space. As for price, that depends on the size of your room. But as a guide, it’s £59 per sq. metre — via Retro to Go


Octopod Clock / MB&F + L’Epée 1839

MB&F have collaborated with clockmaker L’Epe?e 1839 to produce the Octopod, a biomechanical, articulated-limbed, bubble-headed timepiece with shout-outs not just to the octopus, but also to James Cameron’s film The Abyss and marine chronometers as well. And there’s a sort of stealth tourbillon built into the movement as well. The clock will be made in three limited editions — black PVD, blue PVD, and palladium — with 50 of each at a price point of CHF 35,000 — via Hodinkee


Raindrop / Studio Bas van der Veer

Dutch design firm Studio Bas van der Veer has created Raindrop, a rain barrel designed to mount to an exterior wall and make collecting rainwater easy.

The design, which is handmade in The Netherlands and produced by pottery label Elho, includes a removable watering can that automatically fills up with rain water first, before the excess rain water collects in the main body of Raindrop. There’s also a tap at the bottom to allow for easy refilling of the watering can or if needed, a hose can be attached — via CONTEMPORIST


Green Island / Brooklin, Maine

Green Island, off the coast of Brooklin, Maine, is on the market for $650,000. The island includes the sweet historic Blue Hill Bay Lighthouse, built in 1856 to help guide ship traffic related to the booming lumber business of the nearby town of Ellsworth. Adjoining the lighthouse is a 1,750-square-foot keeper’s cottage with four bedrooms and a half-bath. The house has a charming New England feel to it and will come fully furnished. There are also a couple of extra buildings on the island including what looks like a large boathouse/garage and a wee little windowless stone structure — via Curbed


Tyre Tracks / Red Wolf

Tyre Tracks, Dawn Traffic Redux, Lift Motor Room, Dark Alley and Street Bollards originally uploaded by Red Wolf


Isle of Dogs Storm Water Pumping Station / John Outram

Post modern architecture — it’s not for everyone. But sometimes it strikes the right balance of whimsy, risk, and stateliness, like this storm water pumping station in the East End of London, which was recently awarded a heritage listing.

Designed by architect John Outram and completed in 1988, the edifice-like structure — known as the Isle of Dogs Storm Water Pumping Station — is the first post modern building to be designated under Historic England’s effort to protect the country’s best examples of the divisive architectural style, according to The Spaces.

Among Outram’s best-known buildings, the pumping station features a striated brick façade, thick, rounded columns with brightly coloured and geometrically patterned capitals, and a corrugated pediment accented with a circular object resembling a jet engine — via Curbed


Retro Flooring / Atrafloor

So many bold designs in this new retro flooring range by Atrafloor, with influences from the 1950s to the 1970s (and even a bit of ’80s), all of which are perfect for adding some wow to a room in need of brightening up. All the vinyl flooring in the range is designed in-house, described as highly durable & easy to install and is made to order. The price depends on the space you need to fill, but generally you are looking at around £59 per sq. metre — via Retro to Go


Serenity / Wallace Cunningham

Architectural designer Wallace Cunningham has created another dramatic home — 10 years in the making — with swooping rooflines and curving glass expanses, this time in Carmel, California. Completed this year, the three-bedroom is super fresh: Perched by a secluded cove, the 250 square metre oasis frames jaw-dropping vistas of the Pacific Ocean by way of full-height glazing on both the front and rear of the structure. Located at 243 Highway, the special property is offered at $11.9 million — via Curbed


VW Camper Van Fridge / Gorenje

You can get the Gorenje special edition VW Camper Van fridge in two colour options (vintage baby blue or bordeaux red) based on the timeless and much-loved van and it looks amazing. A retro-style fridge based on the frontage of the van and complete with the logo is always going to be popular.

It’s also a practical item too. The fridge has an A+++ energy efficiency rating, 254 litres of net capacity, three adjustable glass shelves, a salad crisper drawer with humidity control, Freshzone drawer, bottle rack, LED interior lighting and of course, a freezer section.

So functionality matching the looks. Not too many stockists out there, but you can get it online for £1,149 in both colour options via Electrical Discount UK — via Retro to Go


Arctic Wolf Pups / Zoo Brno

Zoo Brno is home to five incredibly adorable Arctic Wolf pups. A male pup and four females were born just three months ago. The siblings can now be seen on exhibit with their parents — via ZooBorns


Vaserely large circular wool rug / Niki Jones

Just landed at Made is this rather cool Vaserely large circular wool rug. The name hints at the op art inspiration behind this particular design, with the finished product a perfect addition to any retro living room. We particularly love the mustard version, although the grey would work if you are looking for something a little more subdued. Each rug is hand carved by artisans in India using high quality New Zealand wool, as well as a a looped pile and high tufted pile for a 3D effect. £349 is the price in either colour — via Retro to Go


Wespe Training Bike / Legler

The Wespe training bike for kids by Legler is a balance bike inspired by a classic design of the past. In this case a vintage Vespa scooter. Made in Germany, the balance bike is handmade and designed both to look good and to get your little one confident on two wheels. The Wespe has a height adjustable seat, can cope with a weight up to 35kg and is made of a mix of plywood, MDF and rubber — via Junior Hipster


Architecture inspired jewellery / Artur Dabrowsk

Architectural designer Artur Dabrowsk produces rings, cuffs, necklaces and bracelets that revolve around the concept of depth in terms of formal language (shadow lines, composition, depth of field) as well as in meaning (details, storytelling).

Whether he is crafting mysterious staircases to nowhere or endlessly looped brick arches, each piece involves careful attention architectural detail (including theoretical structural load calculations) and is available in brass, bronze or silver — via Urbanist


Urban Blinds / HoleRole

Casting pixellated patterns into day-lit rooms, these shades swap boring views (or overly bright days) for iconic scenes of metropolises at night. This particular set by HoleRole features famous structures from cities like Manhattan (the Chrysler Building) and London (the Gherken) — via Urbanist


Retro 2-Burner Gas Barbecue / Memphis

The Memphis 1950s-style gas barbecue is back, offering a bold 1950s look in red, matched up with some chromed detailing. Basically it looks good, cooking or not. But when you do cook, it has all the features, including a vaporiser bar flavouring system for an authentic char grilled taste, variable heat control, warming rack, storage inside the cabinet and stainless steel side shelves. One thing has changed since we last featured it — the price. This now retails for £329.99 — via Retro to Go