Jasper aka Grasshopper

My cat has the power of Mr Miyagi or some other karate dude who can break thick planks of wood with their head. On sunday evening Jasper was running about in super-hyper-kitty-mode. Mum was opening a cupboard door made of 1/2 inch thick tasmanian oak or something, and Jasper just ran straight through it splitting the wood in twain!

I could totally understand if he broke it off its hinges, but no, he actually split the wood. Jasper is a little over a year old so he’s still a littlish cat, but clearly there is martial artistry in his blood.

I might change his name to Grasshopper.

Get Well Steve

Apple’s Jobs has cancer surgery

Poor Steve. At least they found the tumour in time by the looks of things, and he’ll be back in time to see the new iMac G5 line rolled out. All black turtle neck sweaters are to be rolled down at half mast.

On a brighter note, new iPods. Yep new click wheel, bigger capacities, longer battery life and cheaper.

On a selfish note, work has given the go ahead to buy me a mac, W00T! It aint a G5 like my first preference, but hey a dual 1.25Ghz G4 with 20″ Apple Cinema Display is not to be snezzed at, especially the monitor, very happy about the monitor (insert happy dance with a couple’o cart wheels*).

*cart wheels and dancing may not actually take place.


Taking a leaf outta the Cafe Press book, ComiXpress steps it up with offering to print and sell your indie comics online. You’ve even got an option to have a ComiXpress ad printed in your book, meaning you get a discount and your soon to be numerous fans remember where to buy your masterfully sick creations. But you’ll also need mini-posters and flyers to ram down prospective fans’ throats, and yes, the ComiXpress guys can and will do it.
I would like to introduce these guys to the transparent gif, their logo is really quite nice ‘n sexy, but the opaque ghosting rectangle thing is letting ’em down.

No ‘Puters Please, We’re Artists

Work has been trying to get everyone to get their holidays down by the end of June. Hey, I’m down with forced time off, no prob. Well no prob for me any way.
So far every set of dates I put through, (I need to take a week), gets knocked back, Sorry, Redtape Corp work is suppose to start any day now, and so is Super Confused’s work. Redtape Corp’s work is yet to manifest in my inbox, and Super Confused work is just starting up, albiet VERY slowly.
So I’ve locked in next week.
I’m looking forward to my activites next week, I’ll be floating around the art rooms at the Julian Ashton Art School in The Rocks, brushing up on my drawing and painting. I rang up to enroll this morning and got a delightfully airy receptionist. After giving her my credit card details, I asked her if she could email me a list of the art supplies. She laughed and replied, Oh, we don’t even have a computer, just bring what you feel comfortable with. We’ll see you next week.
How cool is that? Being a web/graphic designer, THIS is exactly what I needed.
Needless to say, my geekier work colleagues found the idea of a week without computers quite scary.

G5 iMac Coming

G5 to power new iMac

Apple’s 3rd quarter conference call has confirmed that the new iMac line due out in September will have G5 processors.

As for any cosmetic make overs, checkout the pizza box description, and just a plain box. I guess we’ll just have to wait ‘n see. If your lucky I might even do a crude sketch of what I think the new iMac should look like…

New iPod rumors are around too. Yeah NOW they release a purple one!

The Office Kitchen Vortex

It has come to my attention that our office kitchen has a hidden vortex. I first noticed this a couple of months ago with my mug mysteriously disappearing, my coffee and green tea levels diminishing quickly and honey also suffering a similar fate.

I have managed to keep these at bay with some ingenious skull and cross bones stickers, or at least they slowed it down. In fact some people confessed to frequently taking some of my supplies and promised to stop.

Okay, I don’t mind if someone uses my stuff occassionally, but it really fucking shits me when I turn up to work in the morning and all my coffee is gone, or there’s only one tea bag to see me through the day.

Today, however, was the last straw. My ingenious tea strainer has vanished. I spent 20 minutes turning up our small office vortex / kitchen, but to no avail. I have sent ’round and office e-mail, and with the aid of my trusty graphics tablet, quickly composed a sketch of my awol tea strainer to accompany said e-mail.

No one has seen my tea strainer, but everyone finds the sketch amusing.


New iMac in September?

It’s been a big couple o’ weeks for Apple with their WWDC thang, preview of Tiger aka Mac OS 10.4, release of Airport Express, new G5 line up and the announcement of their new cinema displays.

Another rumour though has been brought to my attention: Apple quits taking iMac orders; New model in September. Hmmm… interesting indeed, will these new breed iMacs be a totally different beast to the igloo flat-panel macs, or something shinier akin to the G5 and G4 PowerBooks. Only time and maybe some overzealous mac heads on mac rumour sites will tell.

Happy Tree Friends

www.happytreefriends.com. This site / collection of toons is fantastic! The production is first class, the characters are so fluffy and retro cute, but the extreme violence is truly grotesque, and amazing.

I was squirming in my seat, the violence and gore are just so well thought out. But you’ve just gotta keep watching until you yourself start to feel what it would be like to go through the perils these innocent big eyed woodland creatures are subject to.

First rate violent toon all the way.

iPod vs Sony, Round 1

Looks like Sony’s offering up an iPod challenger, the NW-HD1 Network Walkman Digital Music Player. A sneak peak can be seen here.

The NW-HD1, (they really need a far sexier name), is smaller and lighter than the iPod, and a bit bigger than the iPod Mini and holds 20G worth of music. As for battery life, it boasts a 30 hour rechargeable battery. Price? Looks to be about AU$800 with an August-ish release.

Will I be cashing in my beloved 30 Gigger (iPod) for one of these? No.

Will it offer some healthy competiton for Apple? Yes.

Apple Cinema Displays, Drool Factor 10

Apple have released some shiny new aluminium cinema displays in 20 (AUD$ 2,299), 23 (AUD$3,499) or a whopping 30-inch (AUD$5,999) options.
Yes you read right, the 30-inch cinema display is even more expensive than the top of the range G5 going for AUD$5,299.

It’s swively so you can adjust your viewing angle easily, has a gazillion ports and you can get a wall mounting kit so that you can behold it’s floating majesty and save desk space.

Hmmm… Donuts

iPod Donut

This is probably the first presentational/physically protective iPod accessory I’m seriously thinking about buying.

My favs are fireball, snowflake and vines.

Hmmm… Donuts.

Graphic Design, The Overlooked Artworks?

Curators at The Museum of Modern Art are looking at adding graphic design to it’s collection. Currently they display works in Architecture and Design, Drawings, Film and Media, Painting and Sculpture, Photography and, Prints and Illustrated Books.
Q: Is Graphic Design, not Simply Posters, Museum Worthy?
A: Super short answer, yes.
Q: Why has it taken so long?
THOUGHTS: Modernising MoMA: Design on Display

AirPort Fucking Nice Express

Apple have just unveiled their latest shiny new thingy, the AirPort Express, a portable wireless base station which also allows you to stream music throughout your home, wirelessly. That’s right, you can hook one of these babies into your stereo/speakers, (and/or it’s sprawled out speakers) and set up your playlists from your laptop from the other side of the house.

The new base station is not like it’s older UFO shaped brother, and fits nicely in the palm of your hand, and uses 802.11g wireless standard, so data rates up to 54 Megabits per second.

Nice. Fucking damn nice. You know what else is fucking damn nice? It is backwards compatible with the older 802.11b wireless cards. Of course this means a new iTunes (AirTunes) with streaming capabilities, and yep, both Mac and PC are invited to this party.

The Cheatar

For all you Home Star Runner fans, be sure to check out this week’s update, including photos of The Cheatar, a giant fibreglass guitar with a sexy The Cheat design. The guitar will be auctioned off for charity along with other over-sized guitars, after being on display for a Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame exhibition in Cleveland.

The Cheatar is modelled with one of those sexy 80’s hair metal band members from Limozeen.

Farewell My Beloved Purple Charade

My dad managed to come out of a car accident yesterday with a couple o’ cracked ribs and approx. Five hours waiting in the emergency room. Apart from the ribs he seemed okay enough to still go to work at 5:30 this morning as usual. I cannot say the same for my beloved charade, the car my dad was driving at the time.

The general consensus last night was that the car’s a write off, someone was backing into traffic and didn’t see the little purple car with Powerpuff Girl stickers on it. My dad seemed very impressed that the airbag deployed (at all) and he didn’t get hurt as badly as he thought he could’ve. Cars in the girly hatchback class seem to have a bad rap when it comes to safety, so Dad was quite happy with its final valiant effort to protect him. My mum maintains it had something to do with her mum blessing it with holy water when we first got it.

I am normally not one to get too attached to a car, a car is some mechanical metal object that gets you from A to B. This attitude probably stems from the fact that I am female, and when I was younger, spent too much time being dragged around to drag races to watch my dad race. This hobby of my dad’s even took us to Ipswich one year for the Summer Nationals, or Sumah Nats as pronounced by most of the redneck drag racing community. Mullets and t-shirts with fluro coloured car graphics as far as the eye could see…

I am/was however quite attached to my little purple Charade. For a start, it was a gorgeous shade of shimmery violet, not unlike a pair of Docs I own, (cars these days tend to come in crappy uninspiring colours). Incredibly reliable, always managing to get me where I had to go without drama, sure it’s no powerful beast but it was a zippy little car, and was great for squeezing into tight car spaces, and damn it, it had character! I could walk into a car park and see my car straight away as there aren’t normally too many shimmery violet Charades around with the left headlight pushed in slightly, (after being made redundant from my first job, I had to drive back to the office and get some stuff. I hit a stopped bus on the way back while trying to get out from behind it).

I got the Charade in early 1999, I was working part time as a checkout chick and starting my second year studying graphic design at college. The car I was predominantly driving was a 12 year old Ford Fairlane, an old work car from Dad’s company. It was nicknamed Moana, ’cause you had to keep it over 60 or it would start squeaking or moaning and there was a certain way you had to brake that only me and my dad could do to minimise the squeaking. Other drivers would actually get my attention to tell me to get the car fixed, that’s how screwed Moana was. Eventually the radiator totally gave out, and I couldn’t get around the block without it overheating, or towing a mini dam behind me.

It was at this point that Dad decided it was time to get a new car, not only can he claim some of it as a company expense, but I guess he finally realised the only way he was going to have his daughter even be remotely affiliated with his business, was to get a company car for her to drive in. (My dad was always quite disappointed that I didn’t want to be a secretary, or doing paperwork or some sort of girl-type job even if it wasn’t for his company.) So my dad picked me up from work one day, took me to see a 1998 Charade in purple and asks do you like this colour? Duh, I’ve been your daughter for 19 years so far, do you really need to ask this question?

Ah memories…

My dad’s been driving around in it lately as his second car, the utey-trucky thing he normally drives isn’t always practical, and I’m sure he enjoys spreading his hankies, AM station preferences and Quik-Eze in as many vehicles as possible. He too has expressed some affection for the girly hatchback, and am sure he will miss its cosy shiny purpleness.

G5 Style iMac

This guy has been doing some serious modifications on his iMac, giving it a G5 style case but in white polystyrene plastic.

Be sure to check out the 2nd last photo of the mini G5 along side a G4 to get and idea of size.

Pretty slick indeed.

Bootleg Toys

I happened upon this site www.bootlegactionfigures.com you can’t buy any of these babies, just view ‘n’ chortle, but it’s worth a look see. One of my personal funny fav’s is this Telebabies set, scroll down to the second pic and you shall see.

For all you spandex super hero wannabes there is a comprehensive Spaderman set and Crappy Mexican Batman.

For the anime fans, there is disturbing Ranma 1/2 set, the panda (Genma) looks a bit like a dalmation. Then there’s New Centennial Evengelion.

Super cheap fun for all!

Art Direction 101

What is Art Direction?
Art Direction and the Web
The linked articles above are a good read for any designer, art/creative director and/or aspiring ones, in all mediums not just web. Yes, you can have art directors in web design, and yes there is a need for them.
I went for a job interview a couple of years ago for a web design posititon. When asked what I’d like to be doing in 5 years time I said art direction. My interviewer (marketing manager), looked puzzled at me and said this isn’t graphic or printed design, so we won’t need an art director. I went on to explain (very unsuccessfully), that no matter the medium design is still design. Silence. He then reworded the question and I answered the same. I didn’t get the job.

Webisodes ‘n’ Toons

www.toondoctor.com has some interesting articles on flash animation and webisodes. It’s in my bookmarks, filed fiendishly under ‘toons’. Hopefully their articles will prove to be helpful in the not too distant future.

Fwak! Blog is a handy toon themed blog, populated with the rants of these guys over at www.fwakanimation.com.au
While you’re at it, check out www.woohoopictures.com, they have recently finished up a flick entitled ‘Rex Steele: Nazi Smasher’ and it looks very smashing indeed. Trailer can be seen here
P.S. This entry is the magical 500th entry in the Opinion section. Boy can we blog shit or what?

Catfish Hotel

Catfish Hotel is a french cartoon well worth the huge download. As the title hints, it’s a hotel run by a cat who smokes a cigar.
The production is very slick, the characters are gorgeous, the colouring superb and just overall yummy.


iStab is a must have accessory for all iPodders who are paranoid, living in the US, want to defend themselves against muggers with good taste or homicidal maniacs.


Apple releases new hardware and software:

Newer, faster G4 PowerBooks
Newer, faster iBooks
New motion graphics software


It’ll be interesting to see how Motion stacks up to Adobe After Effects, and even more interesting to see what other apps Apple has up their apparently very long flowy sleves.

Hmmm… web page editor? 2d animation package? One might even go so far as to speculate that a drawing app not unlike Illustrator would be on the cards what with the Inkwell built into OS X+.

Okay that’s probably quite far fetched.

Nirvana, Guitar, 90’s, Angst Ridden Youth

Nice snapshot of the influence Nirvana (the band), has had on music: Searching for Nirvana

Whether you loved or hated them, they were a band to be reckoned with in the 90’s. Yeah Kurt went and did himself in and he’s a dickhead for it, leaving poor Francis Bean completely under the influence and guidance of Courtney Love, but the music is still a big deal.

My mid to late teens and also formative guitar learning years coincided with Nirvanas reign. Some how I managed to get through this decade without buying a single Nirvana album. Okay so I taped heaps of it off the radio, (yeah taped! Cassettes were still in vogue then!). I did however spend a lot of time with fellow aspiring musicians at high school playing and performing Nirvana songs.

Yes, school talent shows and formals were the appropriate place and time to grab your axe and start shredding away, while some guy in a beanie, (imaginatively dubbed beanie boy), donned his best flanno and grinded the lyrics out in front of a highly pubescent crowd of angst ridden youth. In school uniform. Well they weren’t always in uniform.

You know a band has truly left their mark on a generation when their songs or riffs become part of the standard musician repetoire. In the 90’s, fumbling new guitarists learnt these classics or the easier parts thereof: Smoke on the Water (Ozzie!), a smattering of Stairway to Heaven, Enter Sandman, The Unforgiven (yes Metallica scores at least 2) and Purple Haze. I’m sure there are others but I can’t remember all of them off the top of my head.

Then we begun to add some. No prizes for what would be considered the most played to death riff in the 90’s. Yep, Smells Like Teen Spirit. Hands down. Followed in no particular order by: Polly, About a Girl, Come as You Are, In Bloom and yeah, basically the entire Nevermind album. Then all of In Utero. Then all their other albums.

You could be locked in a room with teen musicians you have never met and start banging out just about anything Nirvana and you would all bond instantly, or at least everyone knew the songs. It was fantastic. Other songs and riffs that had this effect (and still probably do with the right generation), are: anything by Pearl Jam, I cannot stress how much fun it is to play the intro to Alive. That 8 or so fret slide at the beginning rocks. I defy any guitarist to tell me that doesn’t feel good to play and doesn’t rock. Almost anything by The Smashing Pumpkins, particularly from the Siamese Dream album is also up there, Cherub Rock is also another of those classic rock/grunge songs that just feels good to play, and was therefore constantly played in high school music rooms in the western world.

You cannot be an impressionable female guitarist in the 90’s and not like or play Hole. Yes, Kurt’s wife Courtney’s band. White trash femme rock topped off with a tiara. It was fantastic. All guitar playing Hole fans in the 90’s knew at least Doll Parts, it’s shit easy and even easier to caterwaul along with. Miss World and Violet are also mention worthy and of course Olympia.

The 90’s grunge scene was also subject to go all unplugged as soon as it had plugged in. The MTV unplugged performance Nirvana did was worshipped by all, and of course others followed such as Alice in Chains and Hole. Hole’s performance was particulary memorable if not for the dolls strung up by tule and the way Courtney straddled her stool. If she opened her legs any wider she would’ve swallowed it. The cameras were quick to pan away, thank god.

Okay, one more tangent, remember the article I linked to way up top? Yeah, well they put The Darkness in the same grouping as Kylie and Australian Idol. No, this is wrong, very wrong. The difference, The Darkness are fucking good. Yes, okay it is a matter of opinion, yadda yadda yadda. I don’t know if they are manufactured like Kylie or Idol, but if they are, it’s not obvious and I don’t care. Yes they are 80’s cock rock and they’re incredibly good at it. Classic solid rock arrangements, structre, solos, vocals and rythyms. And costumes. Coupled with fucking hilarious lyrics, but somehow not straight away seen as purely comedic or bleedingily, obviously self mocking. Well in any case, they’re good in their own way but also in a classic way.

Don’t Move! I’ve Got An iPod!

The iPod is a device with some splendid uses, Mp3 player, portable hard drive, calendar, address book, note book and weapon:iPod Used In Domestic Homicide.
Or at least that’s what the guys at liquid generation thought. They also wrote the funny following:

Segway Used In Drive-by Gang Shooting

Looks like they found a way to improve Nokia phones too: Nokia announces cell phone stun gun

I just stumbled across liquid generations smutty 404 error page too.


10 Things Design Schools Should Teach

Michael McDonough’s Top Ten Things They Never Taught Me in Design School
Nuff said. Good article. You can even just read the sub heads and you get the idea. Some of my fave sub heads from this are:

  • 1. Talent is one-third of the success equation
  • 2. 95 percent of any creative profession is shit work
  • 3. If everything is equally important, then nothing is very important
  • 7. When you throw your weight around, you usually fall off balance
  • 10. The rest of the world counts

Maccessability + Puk Return?

Finally, Apple Speaks to the Blind
You can talk to your Mac

The next major-ish release of Mac OSX could feature built-in assistive technologies such as screen readers, spoken items and QuickTime: Closed Captioning just to name a few.

Yeah so what! You say, you can get this software for Windows! You whine. Yeah well it ain’t free with your OS like the mac solution will be! Ha! It’s built into the OS, not some add on! Ha, again!

The You can talk to your Mac article also has an interesting rumour on the one button mouse front. The rumor is that Apple is working on a mouse with an iPod like circular touchwheel, damn nice. Hmmm… that could mean a circular mouse. Could this be the puk mouse revisited and actually good? Only time will tell.

Boutique Cool Vs Corporate Bland Design

Design portal www.designinteract.com is featuring an article entitled Giant Sites: Designing the Un-Designable. The article talks about the pros and cons for working for a boutique web design agency with smaller clients, and firms who produce sites for larger corporate clients.

This quote is taken from a creative director: Everyone knows the best work comes from boutiques. This article challenges this attitude, which is nice. I myself mostly do web design for larger corporates with far more attention focused on producing intuitive interfaces and layouts to help consumers get the information they want, perform transactions, etc. There isn’t always much room for creative abandon in these projects, and you do have to think about how this is going to be cut up into templates. Most of these sites deal with large amounts of dynamic info and you have to tailor your designs to accommodate this in the most elegant, code efficient way possible, while still maintaining an existing brand, and catering to your target audience. Phew!

There is of course the fact that mostly with larger corporate clients, there are many decision and stakeholders, who invariably can’t decide on a particular design, and most of the time will go with what is the safest, or something similar to what their competitor has done/is doing. Which is understandable from a business perspective, if you know a particular solution already works well, then why not look at the core of what they’ve done and change it to your needs. It’s gotta work out cheaper in the end?

So boutique agencies have it easier? Depends on the projects and their individual needs (client temperment?), not just the size of the agency. I’ve often felt that in general they get more creative freedom, because of the nature of work they seem to get, like more brochure ware sites, newsletters, mini promo sites, etc. So do you equate creative freedom with easier? No you can’t. More enjoyable? For me yes, but depends on your personal tastes, like PC or Mac.

Corporate blandness doesn’t always have to be so bland though. You can get a bit creative if only through small subtle elements. Sometimes if you present a corporate client with something more interesting as well as bland version no.112, they can start to comprise. But only a little, and only if you change it brand X blue. But it’s a start.

Boutique design though seems to be where you want to be if your a designer. When you’ve decided to make a living as a designer, it’s super sexy slick sites/designs that woo you, the ones with pages of cutting edge graphic, photography and typography experiments bordering on art more than design, topped off with exquisite embellishments and more style than you can poke a cursor at. I can’t say that the Microsoft or Amazon sites inspired me so.


100 Emails

Happy 100th Email Strong Bad!

Yes Strong Bads 100th email is truly an acheivement worthy of widescreen WOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

Also contained in this momentous e-mail is how Strong Bad and Homestar Runner met and the birth of The Cheat. Stick around after Strong Bad says ’email’ 100 times and see well wishes from Marzipan, Homestar, Ye Olde Strong Bad, freaky Strong Bad and Limozeen!

Avast, Ye Scurvy Dogs

Fashion according to Lucie.

Rule 1: You can NEVER have too many skull shirts. NEVER!


Rule 2: Skull shirts need to be BLACK! Red, deep purples and very dark greys are also acceptable, but NEVER under any circumstances is the shirt to be white! White skull shirts are right up there with white Metallica shirts, fucking wrong!

Mac Rumors: Bigger, Better, Shinier

Reducing the cost of iPods, Aluminum displays?

Aluminium display to compliment your shiny G5 hey? Yeah that sounds like something Apple would bring out. As for the size, yeah 24 inch also sounds quite believable. I drooled over a G5 in person on Monday. It’s a huge beast truly worthy of an equally huge display, I mean the 20 or 23 inch cinema display (I can’t remember which one it was. ‘Twas big ‘n’ shiny) it was hooked up to was actually looking a bit small! (Nah man, for real! Yes I know a 20 inch display certainly dwarfs my piss-weak 17 inch Phillips thing running some mediocre graphics card at work, but… yeah…).

Anyhow, the lovely translucentness of the cinema displays don’t quite compliment the G5 as much as I’m sure it could, or at least that was my feeling after seeing this setup in person.

XServe and iMac G5s, Mac OS X 10.3.3, notebook displays

iMac G5s? Lets get the Power Books happening first shall we? But then again, Apple might want to hurry along the roll out of the Intel based G5 chip. Hmmm…

Sources comment on Power Mac, Power Book updates

Stop teasing already!

Aussie Apples Too Bloody Expensive

US-Australia price disparity stirs debate

Hmmm… yes macs are expensive especially if you’re in Australia. Here’s a quote from one of the readers:

Is Apple obliged to cut prices so it cannot benefit from currency movements? If the Aussie was weakening, Apple would not necessarily raise pricing, but prefer to take a hit so it could maintain sales

Apple Australia actually did raise raise pricing due to a, at one stage, very weak Aussie dollar. I know, because I was just about to purchase a top of the range iBook, only to realise that this was no longer financially possible about 2 weeks later when I had all the money together. The year would’ve been 1999 or 2000-ish, so yes, not necessarily being the operative phrase here, and I don’t recall them dropping them back yet now that our dollar is a bit stronger.

On another note, the Apple’s WorldWide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) is happening in San Francisco in June. Apple are offering scholarships to students of Australian unis to attend. Which is nice.

Of course with a WWDC looming soon-ish one can’t help but wonder what next big slickly designed consumable beasties are awaiting to be unveiled.

My Plastic Heart

My plastic heart is an online toy retailer carrying some very cute figurines. There are some delightful kitty variations well worth parting with money for. Not a badly designed site that uses pink, not the highly trendy shocking magenta you see a fair bit around boutique design sites

Hissing G5s and G5 Laptop Soon?

Some ZDnet mac articles I found interesting:

Apple silences beeps, hissing

Some dual 1.8GHz G5’s have been beeping and hissing when used with some external audio gear. Certainly not something creative pros want to hear after spending thousands of hard earned bucks on one. Good news is Apple have fixed this in the production process now, so new machines rolling off the production lines are spiffy.

Will Apple bite on Motorola’s PowerPC chip?

What with Apple using IBM chips in G5s these days, you gotta wonder 2 things:

1. Where this leaves Motorola? Will Apple eventually phase out Motorola chips in favour of IBM ones?

2. Where the hell are the G5 laptops!?

The article suggests the G5 laptops aren’t far off. As for Motorola and it’s new speedier than previous Motorola chips, who knows, I mean 1.42 GHz isn’t that much faster than 1.33 GHz, even for laptops. You do the math, that’s 0.9 GHz. Big fucking whoop.

Crude Toon Smart Ass Style

www.davidandgoliathtees.com have some funny t-shirt designs. You gotta love the crude-toon-smart-ass-style.

This article about a particular style being pulled from some stores has been brought to my attention.

Did you read it? Of course not you’ve got the attention span of a boy! See if you read the article that anecdote would’ve been extra funny.

Talk about some hyper-sensitive folk who like to over analyse and over intellectualise. It’s a funny sarcastic piece o’fashion, get over it! Oh well at least it’s some great publicity for David and Goliath Tees, and damn funny ones at that.

Some design ranges in particular:

Eve L, for aspiring dark mistresses.

Trendy Wendy, for trendy chicks.

And of course the Boys Are Stupid range, containing many words of wisdom.

Be sure to check out the creative genius behind the designs.

Neon Genesis Evangelion – Resurrection: Milk It For What It’s Worth Edition

Neon Genesis Evangelion – Resurrection: Director’s Cut will be released on the 16th March. This DVD will contain episodes 21-23 in both director’s cut and original broadcast versions.

Ok, question: why couldn’t they put the director’s cut versions on the original DVD releases? Isn’t this one of the great things about the DVD format, you know chocking it up with extra bits? Surely they could’ve at least released it with the box set!


I am guessing it’s something to do with getting permission to do so, and money, and knowing they’re are many Neon Genesis suckas out there, and blah blah blah!
Well I’m a sucka. I’ll be one of those people buying it in the next week or two along with the final and 4th Futurama series box set.


Some entries so far in The Iconfactorys annual Pixelpalooza Contest.
My favourites so far are ‘Geezers’, however ‘One Of These Days’ is not without it’s charm. ‘Baggies’ and ‘Reenex’ are also kinda cool, and ‘Paperface’ has a very cool simple anime-stationery cuteness about it. I can see plush talking dolls made out of this set.
Speaking of plush talking dolls, go buy a Cheat from Homestar Runner, or at least checkout the demo.