Fridge Dog

Both of the beasties are firmly of the opinion that their heads belong in the refrigerator. This is why the closest object to their questing muzzles is their own bag of green beans.

They like to help put the groceries away. Making sure the beans are readily accessible prevents things like entire cartons of eggs from mysteriously disappearing.

Fridge Dog

For once not looking insane or otherwise deranged, the malamute helps herself to the beans.

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  1. sbszine

    25 July 2003 at 3.52 pm

    I am spending this weekend trying to get my digital camera to talk to Linux on my new Sparc. Should be fun…


  2. Red Wolf

    25 July 2003 at 3.56 pm

    Good luck with the Linux/Sparc config. I just got a multi-card reader/writer and a 32MB compact flash card for my digital camera, making life a lot easier


  3. knibblet

    26 July 2003 at 1.47 am

    Great photo and great solution to the ‘dog head in fridge’ problem.
    Now, can you help me move Freddie the Gigantic Norweigan Cat from his permanent parking spot leaning against the fridge door?


  4. Red Wolf

    26 July 2003 at 9.37 am

    Sorry, Knibs, I have the same problem with the malamute. Opening the fridge door seems to work — the lure of beans inside distracts her, but I still get a dirty look — don’t think the same tactic would work on a cat… unless you had a constantly rotating menu of prawns, sardines and other cat delicacies inside


  5. sbszine

    28 July 2003 at 10.21 am

    I find offering my cat a wine glass of fresh water distracts her long enough to allow access to the firdge. Give it a shot.


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