Johannesburg dreadlock thieves cut hair and run

The theft of dreadlocks in Johannesburg is thought to be because of the rising demand for natural dreadlocks as extensions.

Erin Conway-Smith, Globalpost’s senior correspondent in South Africa, wrote wrote The Times, a Johannesburg newspaper, has reported that a growing number of people with dreadlocks are having their hair stolen. Jasper Munsinwa described how his friend’s dreads were stolen while out partying at a Johannesburg club.

Munsinwa’s friend, Mutsa Madonko, was found passed out, and his hair shorn — but unusually for South Africa, his cellphone and wallet were untouched.

The demand is thought to be coming from the hairstyle trend of dreadlock extensions — with the ultimate being real hair rather than synthetic — and trendsetters are willing to pay for a natural look — via

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