1937 Crocker Big Tank / Quail Lodge

Most classic motorcycles simply look old. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) But a tiny handful still have the power to stop the traffic, decades after they were built. Brough Superior is one such brand; Crocker is another. This is a 1937 Big Tank model, and it’s going under the hammer at Bonhams’ Quail Lodge sale on 16 August. The estimate is a staggering US$270,000—340,000 — via Bike EXIF

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  1. Paul

    13 August 2012 at 7.08 pm

    I prefer the Brough Superior but this is still nice. Good to see you still around, still got the same email address? I’ll send you something now 🙂


    • Red Wolf

      13 August 2012 at 7.30 pm

      It is a nice looking old bike. And, yeah, same details you’ve always had


  2. Paul

    14 August 2012 at 6.13 pm

    Sent the original via @mail I’ve been doing a lot of this sort of stuff lately. I also live near a very famous architect now. Glad to see your taking an interest in the subject.



    • Red Wolf

      14 August 2012 at 7.06 pm


      I’ve always had a thing for architecture, but I could cheerfully drown most of the architects I’ve had the misfortune to work with. Seems to be a profession that attracts a high percentage of complete twits. If you find a good one, it’s like finding gold


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