Manchester mole gang escapes with just £6,000 after 100ft tunnel heist

It required six months hard graft, meticulous attention to detail and the scraping away of tonnes of earth and concrete to carve the tunnel found burrowed into a Manchester shopping centre.

Yet the gang behind what should have been one of the most audacious heists Manchester police have witnessed ultimately escaped with little more than the cost of a secondhand car.

Announcing an investigation into what detectives are adamant is a local criminal outfit, police yesterday revealed fresh details into how the mole gang spent months digging a 100ft-long passage beneath a video shop where a cash machine was located. However, the Hollywood-style heist yielded just £6,000 in a city where a luxury apartment can cost £1,000 a month.

A police spokesman said the gang escaped with around the same amount he had recently paid for a secondhand car — £5,500. He dismissed their haul as pocket-change.

It was plausible, he said, that the gang may have even lost money on the operation given the amount of time, effort and equipment hire involved — via

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