Man Allowed to Keep His Amputated Foot

You know someone with a name like Ezekiel Rubottom is a person to watch. Described as a 21-year-old artist, occasional hip-hop emcee, and recovering methamphetamine addict, Mr Rubottom was born with a club foot. This summer, upon advice from his doctor, he had the foot amputated. But instead of letting the hospital dispose of the body part, he took it home and stuck it (along with a can of beer and a porcelain horse) in a bucket of formaldehyde on his front porch. When a neighbourhood kid told one of his parents about seeing the foot, they called the police, who in turn confiscated the foot pending an investigation. As it turns out, it’s perfectly legal to keep your own body parts, so the foot was returned to Mr Rubottom, who’s already planning on giving a couple toes to friends — via BoingBoing

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