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Needle Felting a Teddy Bear Skull: Unnatural History in the Making / Stephanie Metz

Stephanie Metz creates one of her needle-felted teddy bear skull sculptures — in time-lapse. Taken from industrial origins, needle felting is the process of compressing and tangling wool fibres into three-dimensional forms through repetitive hand work with barbed needles.

Sculptor Stephanie Metz has been blazing a trail with this unusual medium since she stumbled upon the technique in 2002. Unburdened by any formal training in textiles or preconceptions about craft-based techniques, she turned her traditional sculpture education and curiosity to the unique and unexplored material. Thanks to subject matter and execution, her sculptural use of felted wool makes a marked departure from the more familiar craft-focused, utilitarian, decorative traditions associated with the medium. Stephanie’s iconic teddy bear skulls reveal unnatural history: believable specimens of the fossil record of man-made creatures — via Youtube

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