Queensland Health raises alarm over homeopath’s immunisation claim

Queensland’s chief health officer, Jeannette Young, is investigating a homoeopath who allegedly convinced a mother his treatment would immunise her child.

Dr Young told ABC’s 7.30 Queensland the mother was convinced her child was vaccinated until she was asked about it by a doctor at the Mater Hospital.

The mother said ‘yes, my child is fully vaccinated, I believe in vaccination, but the person who vaccinated my child said that if you were to test my child you wouldn’t find any evidence because it’s a different sort of vaccination’, Dr Young said.

The doctor explored that with the child’s mother and worked out that a homoeopath had told the mother that he had vaccinated the child when clearly the child had not been vaccinated.

The mother thought she had done the right thing and wanted to do the right thing by her child and believed this healthcare provider, who misled her.

Some homoeopaths offer a treatment called homoeopathic prophylaxis which aims to strengthen a person’s immune system, but public health authorities say there is no evidence it works — via redwolf.newsvine.com

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