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Derpy Hooves Automaton / morisato54

Derpy, or Ditsy Doo as she may alternately be called, might have a relatively drab coat of gray compared to other more vividly colored ponies, but it is the sparkle in her eyes, the warmth of her smile and her carefree gait that makes her irresistibly adorable. The fact that her eyes might not necessarily focus well all the time is merely icing on a cake, or in her case, fresh blueberries on top of a muffin. In my case it’s a relief not to go through the painstaking task of perfectly synchronising their movement.

The stand and figure are carved out of Philippine mahogany while the gears and crank are made from Narra hardwood. The figure is hand painted with enamel and protected with clear flat lacquer. Derpy stands at 5 3/8″ to the tip of her wings and the whole piece measures at 7″ long, 4 3/4″ wide (wingspan) and 9 3/8″ high at her highest point. She took 100 1/2 hours to complete — via Youtube

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