Camera Attached To Jumbo Squid Reveals Creatures’ Secrets

Marine biologists have learned new secrets about the Humboldt squid by attaching video cameras to the elusive creature, which has a razor sharp beak and hooks on its suckers and can reach the size of a grown man.

The footage revealed previously unknown information about the carnivorous squid, including that they hunt in large, synchronized groups, are able to travel at nearly 45 mph and rapidly change their body color when they are near other Humboldt squid to communicate, according to a study from Stanford University.

Researchers used the National Geographic Society’s Crittercam to film the behavior of the squid. Getting the camera on the slippery squid took some MacGyver-like innovation. William Gilly, of Stanford University’s Hopkins Marine Station in Monterey, California, used a child’s bathing suit cut to fit like an elastic sleeve.

The footage, along with tagging studies, have shed new light on the creatures — via

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