Why using your real name will not mean better behaviour online

It is fallacy that anonymity breeds terrible behaviour — poor community management and poorly designed reputation systems do that.

Being made to use your real name online does not hold most accountable. If that were the case hundreds of facebook/social media managers around the world would be out of work while people behaved politely online and with civility towards fellow humankind.

Persistent identity — because real can’t be regulated (yet anyway) — does not stop people from behaving badly, if anything it stifles their ability to say what they really think. Which as a society, is something we should all hold in high regard. And defend.

Most people I meet who are anti-anonymity have never inhabited an online forum because almost everyone who ever has, has a completely different understanding of the issue. (Quite possibly Randy Zuckerberg also falls into this category, and no doubt her anti-anonymity views of indicative of what gets said in the halls of facebook) — via redwolf.newsvine.com

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  1. alkyder

    17 October 2012 at 10.19 pm

    Gawd those dumb fuck rightists at newsvine never give up trying to get personal information on people so they can build a leftist hit list. I hate Newsvine so much, they played their user base for suckers. Tang is $%^&*()


  2. Red Wolf

    18 October 2012 at 6.20 am

    If you’re only in one section of the site, it can appear polarised, but I see bannings across the spectrum.

    A bigger problem is the trolls that infest the site and while they do eventually get banned, it can take years to get rid of some of them. The site needs more investment in moderation.

    Worth noting that Calvin left ages ago and Mike went to Twitter last week


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