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Lights in the windows at Waterloo residences

Lighting up the windows of Waterloo to make statement about public housing

Mary Laumua has become an activist for her community of public housing tenants in the Sydney suburb of Waterloo.

The 37-year-old community worker and mother of four, including seven-month-old baby Nayla, wants to shine a light on the struggles of public housing tenants facing large-scale redevelopment and dislocation.

It’s important because we want everyone in Australia and around the world to know that we matter, she said.

Ms Laumua is part of a small team who have reached out to hundreds of tenants in two high-rise towers set for demolition.

They go into homes to install coloured lights in their windows.

There’s a lot of anxiety around it all, so the lights are a way of expressing how they’re feeling.

We’ve been allowed this glimpse to go into these peoples’ homes, not only to install a light, but see a glimpse of who they are and how their lives matter.

You might just be the one person that makes their day by coming [and] installing those lights — via ABC News

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