Study: After three-hour sex, squid are left too exhausted to fight for survival

If you ever wondered about the post-coital habits of squid, today is your lucky day.

It turns out that squid are a lot like humans, except for a few minor details like their customary three-hour athletic sexual abilities.

Scientists of the University of Melbourne collected dumpling squid from the wild and forced the squid — both males and females — to swim to exhaustion in a flume.

According to this article in the Los Angeles Times, the researchers then allowed the squid to mate, and performed the same swimming experiment.

This is what happened: after sex, both males and females could swim only half as long as normal. If they were allowed 30 minutes of recovery time after sex, however, they could swim normally.

So far, this is hardly shocking information, considering squid mating sessions last up to three hours and are apparently extremely vigorous — via

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