MIT Researchers Invent ‘Perfect Glass’

Ever since Apple asked Corning to build scratchless glass screens for the original iPhone, the development of glass has been a major focus of the technology world. Scientists have attempted to improve the glass-making process, devising new ways to make it thinner but stronger. Yet, glass suffers from a number of other inefficiencies: It doesn’t handle water well, it reflects too much light, and it creates glare.

On Thursday, researchers at MIT announced a major breakthrough in glass-making technology, which basically involves a new way to create surface textures on glass to eliminate all of the drawbacks of glass, including unwanted reflections and glare. In fact, this new multifunctional glass is not only crystal clear — unlike all other glass, which is reflective by nature — but it also causes water droplets to bounce right off its surface, like tiny rubber balls.

The glass is self-cleaning, anti-reflective, and superhydrophobic. If it ever gets to be as strong as Corning’s Gorilla Glass, MIT will have effectively created the perfect glass — via

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