Unique greenhouse could spur outback growth

A group of international scientists working in outback South Australia has devised a crop production system which does not rely on diminishing fresh water supplies.

There is an incongruous sight in the parched outback; a state-of-the-art greenhouse powered by the sun and reliant only on salt water as a basis for irrigation.

Philipp Saumweber, of Sundrop Farms, has assembled a team of water and engineering experts outside Port Augusta.

This set-up is unique. Nobody has done what we’re doing before and to our knowledge nobody has done something even similar, he said.

What we were really looking for when we built this team is people who had a passion for changing the way agriculture is done.

Rather than lamenting about all the problems in agriculture and the water scarcity and the energy security issues, we wanted a team that was passionate about solving problems — via redwolf.newsvine.com

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