Cuddly Cthulhu: how HP Lovecraft’s dark materials turned soft

What is surprising is that, the best part of a century after Cthulhu was created, the muck-encrusted god has spawned an entire industry that seems intent on making the Great Old Ones, well, cuddly.

The Elder Gods alone would know what Lovecraft would make of Plush Cthulhu — the perfect accompaniment to help any self-respecting cultist embark on their own dream-quest. The idea of the slime-god forever sleeping in his underwater city of R’lyeh rendered as a soft toy is all kinds of wrong. A particular soft toy –– known as Fluff Cthulhu — is a regular on the SF/Fantasy convention circuit, and may be working his eldritch magicks through his earthbound minion, the author Charles Stross — via

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