Ole the Corgi Survives Avalanche

This plucky little guy is Ole, a Welsh Corgi who somehow managed to survive a horrific avalanche that killed one of his owners near Cooke City, Montana. After presumably tunnelling out from under snow many times deeper than the small dog’s stature, Ole walked for four days before finally coming to rest at a local motel. This is one incredible little dog.

Ole’s owner Dave Gaillard was out skiing with his wife Kerry along Hayden Creek with their diminutive dog this past Saturday. Dave happened to spot the avalanche which broke in the mountains above, and shouted to Kerry that she should Retreat to the trees. These would be his last words. Dave was buried under some 14 feet of snow. Kerry, heading his warning, survived by clinging to a tree. Ole was nowhere in sight.

Four days later, to everyone’s surprise, the little orange and white dog appeared at the Alpine Motel — some four miles away from where the Gaillards had been. He was dazed, hungry, and scared, but Bill Whittle says the little dog responded to his calls and ate and drank happily — via redwolf.newsvine.com

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