Teacher Fired for P2P Lecture

Jorge Cortell, a teacher at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain, was forced to resign after a talk about P2P networks — via BoingBoing. Jack eloquently points out, in the comments, that Jorge Cortell has lost all credibility in Spain thanks to him being a lying sack of shit with a resumé full of fake degrees

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  1. jack

    16 June 2005 at 12.45 am

    This Jorge Cortell guy has lost all creditability in Spain after spanish bloggers found out that his entire CV is fake. He doesn’t even have a Bachelor’s Degree.
    In order to silence all his critics, Jorge created a new blog page — and you have to register to post comments.
    But in his new blog, Jorge Cortell proudly proclaims that he received a B+ in a First Year Undergraduate Course from Harvard Extension School (not the real Harvard University, the night school/continuing education division of Harvard). Tell me, if he has even a bachelor’s degree, he would be taking Graduate courses (instead of freshmen undergraduate courses) in May 2005.
    And in his new blog page, he no longer shows his CV. That tells you something.
    This is his old and fake CV.
    University of Brantridge does not exist in Hawaii. He only has a Associate Degree from a community college. His Oxford Diploma in not a real degree either.
    Oxford designed this Diploma (taken via internet) for the unemployed and housewifes with kids at home.
    Oxford’s requirement for this course — word processing and spreadsheet.
    In conclusion — he doesn’t even have a bachelor’s degree.
    And all his post graduate courses in Spain — doesn’t count because you can’t even enrol in those courses without a valid bachelor’s degree.
    Use Babelfish to translate the spanish web sites; Ni tiene un master, ni es doctor ni es un licenciado and El fraude Cortell.
    Here is a collection of web sites on him since May 2005, basically everything since May 22 have been saying that he is a fraud.
    The Spanish edition of wikipedia is preparing to kill Cortell’s entry because of his fake CV fiasco


  2. Pobrecito Hablador

    16 June 2005 at 3.19 pm

    “silence all his critics”? Then, how come you did post there, and he did not silence your post?
    “entire CV is fake”? He has more professional experience that you will have in your entire life. And the fact that some degrees are not recognized in Spain do not make them “fake”.
    “And all his post graduate courses in Spain ‚Äî doesn’t count because you can’t even enrol in those courses without a valid bachelor’s degree” That shows your complete ignorance about the system. They check the CV of the applicant and all those Universities accepted him. Makes you wonder if you are smarter than all those universities.
    “Oxford and Harvard”: they do have extension and continuing education schools (just like almost every other university), but they are not “less” Oxford and Harvard.
    “Wikipedia”: Even Jorge asked them to remove the entry. Besides being inaccurate, an encyclopedia should deal with more important issues, like:
    – A public university censoring a lecturer (just what UPV did with Jorge: he was a lecturer there for 5 years, and received the best reviews by any lecturer in his program).
    – A collecting society and the Motion Picture Association of America pressuring the dean of a university to commit censure. Also pressuring the media.
    – Most attacks on Jorge are orchestrated (there are a number of proofs in several webpages).
    – While people like you attack Jorge’s CV, collecting societies and entertainment lobbying goups mess with our politicians and courts to screw or rights.
    I rather listen to Jorge (which lectures and documents regarding IP are awesome) than you. Next time make sure you choose the right side of the debate.


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