Dangerously Strong Magnets

Mark Allen was selling dangerously strong magnets for $5 a throw, unfortunately he’s sold out, but you can still get them from All Ellectronics.

These are neodymium rare earth magnets with a magnetic field strength in the 45MGOe range. 45MGOe! I’m not kidding around here! Should two become co-joined by mishap, they are very very difficult to pull asunder. These magnets will fly eagerly through the air to reach each other, possibly crushing your fingers in the process. Let us be honest with each other — I’m simply not responsible enough to have these around.

As much as I’d love one of these babies, I’m not responsible enough to be allowed anywhere near them either.

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  1. kyleo

    7 June 2006 at 11.49 pm

    I have one pair of these they are sweeeeeet…


  2. tim

    9 September 2006 at 8.23 am

    i bought one of these super earth magnets(cost was $400)size=150mm square.the power is mind blowing.im even scarred to touch it as i put a nail on it once and it took 2 people to take it off.incredible power.


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