Tourism to Suffer in Face of Security Stunt

Australians travelling to the US are being told to be honest about any past crimes or misdemeanours, no matter how trivial or how long ago, or face deportation, and even fraud charges, on their arrival. In tandem with the anti-terrorism crackdown in the US, existing visa conditions are being more strictly enforced. Anyone with a record of offences such as drink-driving or shoplifting, even as long as decades ago, is compelled to reveal his or her personal history in a visa application. From Monday, in further measures, visitors to the US who have a visa to enter the country will be digitally fingerprinted and photographed. In a backlash against US government xenophobia, Brazilian police have begun fingerprinting and photographing US visitors on orders of a judge who compared planned US security controls on travellers from Brazil and other nations to Nazi horrors

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