Diametrically Opposed Fic Recs

Just got a fiction recommendation from Moonbeam for The Galactic Miscellany by Rheanna. Moonbeam swears that the author is channelling Douglas Adams, as the story reads like an excerpt from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Footnotes included.

Sitting at Arthur’s kitchen table, one hand wrapped around Arthur’s novelty serial killer mug, Ford looked suddenly older than Arthur remembered him. Which was odd, Arthur thought, because he was certain he remembered a drunken conversation in a bar on Gargalto Two during which Ford had insisted that Beteguesans lived for many hundreds of years longer than humans. Of course, Ford had drunk several pan-Galactic Gargle Blasters by that point in the evening, which meant that he had been insisting all kinds of things, including that the colour taupe was the root cause of all universal conflict and that the American daytime soap opera General Hospital was written by the CIA. [4] But something had given Arthur the idea he’d been telling the truth about his lifespan…

[4] He was actually right about one of these.

A couple of weeks back I stumbled over this rather sweet story that was the 2001 winner of the University of Canberra National Short Story Competition — The Knitter and Miss Newtown by Claire Stevenson.

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