Bow-Lingual Dog Translator Review

Penelope Corcoran, a Seattle Post-Intelligencer reporter, had a chance to try out a Bow-Lingual on Crema, her part-Chihuahua part-Dachshund beastie. The unit didn’t score too well, looking more like an expensive, battery hungry, canine version of a Magic 8-Ball than a true translation device

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One Comment

  1. Dick

    13 September 2003 at 2.14 am

    If you think Bow-Lingual is going to create this magical verbal link between you and your pup, better go chase a stick. Sure there’s some science in this little plastic box, but not all that much I think. I have always felt this way about Bow-Lingual from the first announcement last year — but I bought it anyway. What am I a patsy for anything new? If it has to do with my dog, I sure am!
    So what’s really with Bow-Lingual? Admit it guys and gals — it’s just fun. If you really want to communicate with your dog, take your Bow-Lingual to your local doggie psychic. That ought to be something!

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