Zombie Facebook Profiles Thrive: Robot Blondes Invade Social Network

According to their Facebook profiles, Mandy Barnes, Jasmine Wilson, May Price and Mindy Bennett have a lot in common. So do Meredith Gonzales, Sonja Watson, Lucia Long and Meredith Baker.

They are all around the same age (early 20s) and attractive, but not in a supermodel kind of way. They are all Facebook friends, despite living in different areas of the country and attending different schools. Their favourite sport is, somewhat inexplicably, cricket. Their favourite movie is the even more obscure Arab Spring Wedding. They have all posted exactly three Facebook photos, and they all have the same favourite quotation.

But the biggest thing they have in common is that they’re all fake accounts, created by the same bot-scammer to commit fraud — via redwolf.newsvine.com

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