‘Repair Cafes’ reject a ‘toss it out’ culture

All too many of us are ever-eager to upgrade to the latest and greatest whatever. Whether they be computers, washing machines, or clothes, if something goes wrong or next next arrives, we’re on to the next purchase.

Part of it, too, is that we don’t actually know how to repair our stuff. And our world is set up so it’s dramatically easier to cut and run than sit and fix. And so our landfills overflow with slightly damaged goods … a less-than-convenient truth that threatens our economic and environmental health

This may be changing. In The Netherlands, former journalist Martine Postma stumbled onto an idea that tacks the word repair onto the familiar green mantra, reduce, re-use, recycle. The result is community-based Repair Cafes where folks come together to fix their broken items. What started as a few neighbours in Amsterdam helping each other out has, two years later, become a much bigger deal, with 30 groups springing up around the country — via redwolf.newsvine.com

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