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Then there’s Andrew Nikolic. The endorsed Liberal candidate for the northern seat of Bass has wasted no time getting into election mode, despite the fact he’s likely to be waiting another 18 months before voters have their say. With the Liberals having no policies to speak of, Nikolic has a free rein: writing letters to newspapers, issuing media releases, kissing babies in public.  In short, he’s acting like the next Federal election was scheduled for June 2012 rather than November 2013.

Nikolic has embraced social media.  His Facebook site (authorised by former Liberal candidate Sam McQuestin) boasts 680 followers, although he’s quick to despatch anybody brave enough to offer a viewpoint contrary to his.  (There’s actually a Facebook page dedicated specifically for Facebook users blocked by Andrew Nikolic.)

He’s also aligned himself with some of the more unpleasant social media outlets.  Not only is he the pin-up boy for more extreme elements of the logging industry, but he’s an unashamed supporter of Code Red, a one-man vendetta against Greens, homosexuals, the Labor Party and anybody who questions Forestry Tasmania.

Nikolic isn’t a politician. Yet. Generally, the New Examiner respects the rights of individuals.  Politicians, however, are fair game, particularly when their antics, statements and actions aren’t effectively reported in mainstream media.  So when Nikolic chose to abuse a handful of elderly protestors in the Launceston mall (TT here) because they didn’t agree with his far-right brand of politics, we added him to the list of targets.

Although he’s retired from the army, Nikolic’s biggest sales pitch to the voters is his military background.  He’s even gone so far as to promote Andrew’s Army on Facebook — a collection of individuals preparing to fight the good fight against the evil Labor/Green Government — via

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