HR 1981: SOPA Author Lamar Smith’s New Internet Surveillance Bill Intensifies Threats to Online Privacy

Following the massive world-wide protests over the Internet in January, the infamous SOPA and PIPA are mostly dead with the author Lamar Smith saying he won’t take the bill up in committee until a wider agreement on a solution is reached.

While people have been celebrating the victory over SOPA and PIPA, here’s what has managed to slip by relatively unobserved, until now.

A bill, titled HR 1981, Protecting Children From Internet Pornographers Act of 2011, is being sponsored by Lamar Smith and is considered to be a wide-ranging Internet surveillance bill with many other domineering attempts by the government to invade privacy and control the Internet.

According to David Seaman, a prominent new media advocate, the bill has been named thus so that politicians in the House and Senate are strong-armed into voting for it, even though it contains utterly insane 1984-style Big Brother surveillance provisions — via

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