Ocean Marketing makes fatal gaming PR mistake

Even as the holiday season comes to a close, it seems that there are no limitations on what sort of epic douchebaggery still lurks on the internet. Originally reported by Destructoid along with a posting on Reddit, today may live to be one of the worst days in PR history as Penny Arcade published an email thread that transpired between one of its readers and third party peripheral marketer, Ocean Marketing. Dave, the customer in question, preordered a pair of PlayStation 3 controllers that were supposed to be available prior to the Christmas weekend. Following over a month of zero communication, he emailed Paul Christoforo in regards to his order.

With a reply from Christoforo of simply, December 17, there’s little to argue in the ambiguity therein, let alone the simple lack of customer service — especially when said buyer is still expected to pay full price for the preordered merchandise. Upon following up, Dave was told that his controllers had yet to ship from China and that any hope of delivery prior to Christmas could no longer be guaranteed. Setting a new precedence for lacking professionalism, Christoforo told his customer to put on [his] big boy hat and wait it out like everyone else. Christoforo goes on to sound even more contrived by stating, feel free to cancel we need the units were back ordered 11,000 units so your 2 will be gone fast. Maybe I’ll put them on eBay for 150.00 myself — via redwolf.newsvine.com

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