Internode allows Naked ADSL2+ customers to keep home phone number

Internode has launched a new service allowing customers to utilise the company’s Naked ADSL2+ plans while keeping their traditional home phone number for use with Internet calls.

The service — which up until now Internode says has not been technologically feasible — will allow customers to switch from traditional landline plans to naked (or home phone-less services) where no home phone is provided, but retain their home phone number.

Normally by switching to a naked plan, customers lose their home phone number because no landline service is used. Instead they’re forced to rely on a new number provided by a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provider such as Internode, or not use a home phone at all.

However in what Internode says is a big breakthrough for its customers, it says it has found a solution to the number loss issue that will allow customers to switch to its NodePhone VoIP platform while retaining their home phone number — via

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