The Internet Revolts Against Anti-Piracy Censorship

In response to the pending SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), leading civil liberties and tech policy organisations are calling for a Internet-wide day of protest against censorship.

The event is dubbed American Censorship Day, because it will take place on the day of House hearings on the legislation that will introduce web censorship in the US.

The groups say that under the new legislation, America’s Internet could no longer be free and open as it is now, but controlled by large entertainment industry companies and their fear of piracy. As a result thousands of perfectly legitimate Internet services have to fear for their existence.

Sites are encouraged to participate. All the have to do is put a code snippet on their site so all US visitors will be alerted.

Visitors to these sites will then see a splash-page with a seizure notice that allows them to contact Congress to vote against the pending anti-piracy bills (they can click it away and it will only be shown once) — via

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