Sodom and Australia

Faith, however, puts you outside the realm of intellectual honesty. Don’t think, it demands; the ancients have already done that for you. This freedom to believe without thinking allows for the continuation of otherwise unjustifiable prejudices into adulthood and makes it possible for svelte Christian honeys like Rebecca Hagelin to jetset around giving off spleen about the lives of others.

The Australian Family Association, a Christian lobby group, booked The Great Hall in Parliament House on Monday and had Rebecca, an author of Christian self-help books, fly in from whatever part of the States they are still free to revile queers.

She spoke of same-sex marriage, and to hear her on the radio name-checking Sodom and Gomorrah made me stop in my tracks. She said there was no greater evil than the forces who proposed to legalise gay marriage and that we were in a war for the future of the human race — via

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