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It’s been just over a year since Bill has sent me one of his missives:

As studiothirteen, is no more, Dear Red Wolf, As the Final Episode of The X Files (ieThe birth of Little William) And with Mulder out of the Picture both realistically on the Show and OffIs there a way I could serve as some kind of Catalyst to promp[t Frank Spotnitz along with the cadre of Writers who weekly wrote many episodes! The whole plot formation should continue! Before you discount my fervor as a Fanatical Fan Gone South, I have thought of hiring a Playscript writer to help me continue with Chris Carter’s Brainchild SUCH QUALITY TELEVISION SHOULD NOT DISAPPEAR! I have even thought to SPURN ACTIVITY IN FOX STUDIOS

He seems to recognise himself as a fanatical fan, but still doesn’t actually seem to get that I not only don’t care, but I couldn’t do anything to help him even if I thought he was marginally sane.

Surely there’s a loony bin looking for an escaped inmate somewhere in his neck of the woods. Or he’s my own personal episode of The X-Files

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One Comment

  1. Bill

    30 July 2010 at 11.52 pm

    Dear Red Wolf, Apparently my emotional state of affairs inre the Conclusion of Chris Carter’s “The X Files” usurped the integrity and semblance of sanity evidenced most assuredly in my previously written piece to you; REST ASSURED I AM NOT AN ESCAPED INMATE! JUST SOME FAN WHO WANTS MORE!


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