I Get Mail: DOES NOT APPLY… yet again

And we finally get to the point, he’s written a screenplay:

Having been an X Files watcher for many revolutions of Series 1(ONE)-9(NINE) and whereas thirteen productions has LEFT THE SCENE I would like to serve as a catalyst or offer my own screenplay following the Birth of Baby William! How could I?

I don’t know how far unsolicited fan screenplays get in a television production office, but I’m betting it’s a short trip from the mail room to the shredder.

In the past, I have attempted to explain to Bill the error of spamming people with unsolicited crap, but it appears to have fallen on deaf ears.

From this take, I can only assume that Bill’s decided that Chris Carter has abandoned his characters to the public domain and he is now free to run off and make his own version of the X-Files. Bill may need to have a little chat with a copyright lawyer over that one.

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