PlayStation 3 Chip To Power Super Computers

Designers say that the Cell processor that will power the next version of the PlayStation game console will also be adaptable for advanced scientific research, but you won’t have to be a rocket scientist to program it

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  1. Ben Nguyyen

    11 January 2005 at 11.28 pm

    HEy i’m a gamer fan of the playstaion. I bought the ps2 when it first came out and it cost me $700, as for the upcoming Ps3 in 2006 i believe it will not cost too much. I’m hoping the PS3 will be stylish and small with all the latest technology, and it must be better then the Xbox2. WIth the hard drive on the ps3 , make it plugable to the computer and you can store anything on it and hopefully the ps3 can play movies, and other applications from the harddrive it self. That would be a good thing because i can bring my ps3 to school partys and can also watch my movies that i saved in the harddrive. Also the ps3 should have a seperate screen that you can just plug straight to the ps3 instead of the Tv, for ocasion like on the bus to excursions, also the ps3 should have build in charger, so i can play it with out using powerplug.
    I’m a big fan or playstaion so i hope all my opinions can help and hopefully this letter can would post to the head quatter of the Sonny Computer Entertainment.
    Ben Nguyen
    VIC 3021

  2. paul

    6 February 2005 at 7.18 pm

    your a idot and thats dumb

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