MovableType and MT-Blacklist

I’ve had the new version of MovableType for about a month, I’ve just been waiting for a public version of MT-Blacklist to hit the streets before I installed MT. Finally the wait was over.

So MT went in on Wednesday, closely followed by MT-Blacklist. I managed to pull it off with only two spam hits during the install. I’d been beta testing MT 3.1, so had already had the ooh and aah moment over its new interface, but MT-Blacklist was as cool as Jay promised.

There’s still a few bugs there, which I seem to remember were mentioned in his post on the emergency release. But it is a tidy piece of work that does its job well.
I did find that I really missed the joy of hitting a dirty great big despam button from the old version, but the extra add-on includes that in the main MT interface and when I finally noticed it — a major facepalm moment — I was back to killing the fresh spam, quickly and efficiently.

MT-Blacklist is happily moderating suspect comments, but MT is sending the damn things live. Also found that I’m having rebuild problems. The dodgy comments are killed off, but I’m not getting an index rebuild to remove them from the index page. No idea if this is MT, the Blacklist, my apparently continuing rebuild nightmare from MT 2.6 or some other server weirdness. Annoying and I can deal with it, but I’d love to narrow down the culprit.

Considering that my activity log was nearly all spam attacks, having the Blacklist log as a separate entity makes life easier. The Blacklist stats have provided endless entertainment too, 576 dodgy spam commenting arseholes have been blacked since Wednesday. Woohoo! Perhaps I’m easily amused, but I love that feature so much.

So, happy with the changeover, love the new MT-Blacklist and all is right with the world. Aside from somebody else’s Coldfusion install on my server deciding to eat all available CPU capacity every half hour, but that’s not my problem to sort out.

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