Black Out

Just back online after a two and a half hour blackout. Most annoying.

Means of commuication with the outside world were limited to phone, but it brought some interesting news.

Local electricity company is refusing to answer questions and relayed media reports are saying 11,000 homes were affected. I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet that figure is short by a factor of ten.

While the electrical companies may not give a shit about me, they were definitely in suck up mode when it came to Westfield, who were running on emergency generators. Energy Australia admitted responsiblity to Westfield, but refused to say what happened, current rumour is that someone over at the M7 construction site at Casula stuck a bulldozer through a major supply line or accidentally killed the high tension powerlines.

Energy Australia were more than happy to keep Westfield in the loop, will nice little calls to check if the power was on yet. They’re a power utility and they don’t know? A little scary.
It took another twenty minutes for them to get my power back up after Westfield were placated.

Whatever they did, I’m betting they’re thanking their invisible friends it happened during the day and not when a heap of angry commuters got home. Idiots.

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