New iBooks and Computer Love

Mmmmmm… new iBooks from Apple.

The new iBooks now house G4 processors with speeds of 800Mhz, 933Mhz and 1Ghz with 30 – 60 GB hard drives. These guys are also shipping with OSX.3. Price wise these laptops are very tempting for me, starting at $1,899 for the low end model and $2,599 for the high end one, yes that’s aussie dollars! Oh my god an entry level Apple laptop for under 2 grand! It’s making me seriously think about giving up my indigo clam shell iBook I’ve grown to love. Maybe it could be re-purposed…

So, with entry level laptops running G4 processors now, does this mean a G5 laptop is on it’s way soonish?

On a slightly unrelated note, is running a poster contest for those visually expressive people out there, with first prize being an iPod.

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