Ig Nobel Awards 2003

The Ig Nobel awards for 2003 were presented at Harvard University.

Engineering: the inventors of Murphy’s Law
Physics: authors of ‘An Analysis of the Forces Required to Drag Sheep over Various Surfaces‘ report
Medicine: the scientists, who discovered that London taxi drivers are smarter than average London residents
Psychology: authors of the ‘Politicians’ Uniquely Simple Personalities‘ report
Chemistry: a Japanese scientist who studied a bronze statue strangely ignored by pigeon population
Literature: the author of more than 80 scientific reports on amusing statistical information
Economics: the man, who viewed the entire country of Liechtenstein as a large convention centre
Interdisciplinary: authors of ‘Chickens Prefer Beautiful Humans‘ study
Peace: a man who gained a triple accomplishment: for leading an active life even though he has been declared legally dead; for waging a lively posthumous campaign against bureaucratic inertia and greedy relatives; and for creating the Association of Dead People
Biology: first documented case of homosexual necrophilia in the mallard duck species

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