Gender Genie

This amusing chunk of software claims to be able to pick the gender of an author of a piece of text with an accuracy of 80%. However, the stats for the site reveal an accuracy of only 50% and my tests on the system found that it got it wrong more often than not. It kept dithering on my gender, so I think it just takes a pot shot rather than using any real science

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  1. lucie

    25 August 2003 at 12.28 pm

    Based on blog entries on this site, Gender Genie has pretty much well pegged me as female. Interestingly enough it pegged me as male only when I was blabbering about maccy-techy stuff.


  2. Red Wolf

    25 August 2003 at 1.21 pm

    I gave it a shot using paragraphs from some of the stories archived here and it failed in every case


  3. sbszine

    26 August 2003 at 4.34 pm

    It thinks I am female for some reason. I reckon it’s a one line CGI script that flips a coin.


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