Simple Pleasures

Enjoying a carafe of Tang and listening to Greg Packer’s mix CD from the cover of the latest Knowledge magazine. Life is good.
Just thought you should know.

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  1. Red Wolf

    3 June 2003 at 2.46 pm

    Ick! Evil! They make sugar-free Tang? That’s just wrong


  2. sbszine

    4 June 2003 at 12.12 pm

    Oddly enough it tastes much the same…

    Neibi bought it for me and I couldn’t break her heart by complaining about the lack of sugar.


  3. Walt

    8 June 2003 at 8.43 pm

    Did you see the photos of Dylan’s wedding?


  4. sbszine

    11 June 2003 at 3.12 pm

    Yes, I saw the photos. BO! WEDDING OF THE YEAR! was the headline, and I think Trace was the best man. Dylan’s new wife is a big spunk, BTW.


  5. W

    16 March 2004 at 10.19 am

    Where to get Greg Packer CDs?! Heard him way back in Perth, fucking wicked!


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