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U2/51-Jet / Bremont

The watch is the latest addition to Bremont’s U-2 range, which the British watch manufacturer originally developed for select clients in elite military squadrons. The U-2/51 Jet draws design inspiration from several of these earlier models as well as from a specific branch of the British Royal Air Force (RAF) — the RAF 100 Squadron, the first team formed for night bombing, in 1917. The resulting watch is a veritable stealth bomber for the wrist — via WatchTime

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World’s first domesticated foxes / Verge Science

Verge Science met the very cute and very bizarre result of an almost 60-year-long experiment: they’re foxes that have been specially bred for their dog-like friendliness toward people. They do a little behaviour research of their own, and discover what scientists continue to learn from the world’s most famous experiment in domestication. The fox experiment continues under the supervision of Lyudmila Trut at the Institute of Cytology and Genetics. Her book How to Tame a Fox (and Build a Dog), co-authored by Lee Alan Dugatkin, details the history and science behind the experiment — via Youtube


Shell Residence / William Starke Shell

This one-bedroom, one-bath boxy home in Tennessee was just listed and according to agent Barbara Apking, the offers are already rolling in. Built by long time University of Tennessee architecture professor William Starke Shell, the 150 square metre home features a flat roof, 12-by-12 steel beams, and huge glass panels. Located on an 24 metre cliff on 1.2 acres in a South Knoxville neighbourhood, the home took over a decade for Shell to build by himself; Shell worked as the designer, general contractor, project manager, and labourer. The all-glass walls still feel private thanks to a green forest of pines, dogwoods, and maples and a lack of neighbours. Shell called the house a residential pavilion for a retired person, and in 2015 it won an American Institute of Architects East Tennessee Merit Award for its design — via Curbed


UR-111C / Urwerk

The Urwerk UR-111C uses a totally new kind of time display that’s a bit of a departure from the orbital satellite system that the brand is best known for. On the front there are two conical displays — jumping hours on the left and running minutes on the right — and a unique helix-shaped minutes indicator in the centre that also has a retrograde function. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a jumping digital seconds display on the top of the watch that uses an array of optical fibres to project the numbers up toward the sapphire crystal window. Price: CHF 130,000 — via Hodinkee


Icarus / Jackson Burrows

This beautiful vintage 1960 Harley-Davidson Super 10 is the work of Jackson Burrows, a young furniture designer and artist based in Calgary, Canada. And, believe it or not, it’s Jackson’s first attempt at building a bike — via Bike EXIF


Geometric Pattern: Leaf: White / Red Wolf

Geometric Pattern: Leaf: Red/White, Geometric Pattern: Leaf: Orange/White, Geometric Pattern: Leaf: Yellow/White, Geometric Pattern: Leaf: Green/White, Geometric Pattern: Leaf: Blue/White and Geometric Pattern: Leaf: Purple/White originally uploaded by Red Wolf


Goddard + Mandolene Residence / Arthur Witthoefft

Located in Armonk, New York, about 50 minutes north of the city, this four-bedroom, two-bath mid century was built in 1957 by architect Arthur Witthoefft of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. The home is a 7.6×29 metre rectangle featuring a black exposed-steel frame, white glazed brick, and huge floor-to-ceiling glass sliders. It sits on a sloping site, surrounded by the forest of Westchester County. The design won an AIA First Honour Award in 1962, and multi-year renovations overseen by Witthoefft in 2007 brought the home back to its glory days. 11 Tallwoods Road is on the market now for $2,195,000 — via Curbed


Alice Ball House / Philip Johnson

Everyone knows the iconic Glass House by American modernist Philip Johnson in New Canaan, Connecticut. Perhaps lesser known is a follow-up design, located just a five-minute drive away from the 1949-built masterpiece. Completed in 1953 for Johnson’s friend, Alice Ball, the namesake home is often referred to as a livable version of the Glass House. While still compact, low slung, and rectilinear with plenty of glass to go around, the Alice Ball House offers more privacy despite its proximity to the street. The 165 square metre all-white residence features an airy open living and dining area surrounded by glass walls, but the kitchen and two bedrooms are more enclosed. The property, sitting on 2.2 acres with an original guest house and Johnson-designed sculpture garden, is now on the market for $7.7 million — via Curbed


Eystur Town Hall / Henning Larsen Architects

A pair of island municipalities between Denmark and Iceland in the North Atlantic Ocean has been bridged by a work of architecture and engineering, a town hall that crosses a river below and features a green roof bridge above. Designed by Henning Larsen Architects of Copenhagen, this new town hall for Norðragøta blends naturally into its surroundings — via Web Urbanist


Lighthouse Residence / Kittery Point, Maine

If you’ve been pining for a waterfront home in Maine, check out this five-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bath property in Kittery Point. The house boasts views of Chauncey Creek, an oversized dock on 184 feet of water frontage, and a grapevine covered gazebo perfect for lazy afternoons drinking lemonade. Other outdoorsy amenities include a plethora of decks for lounging and a bluestone terrace with pergola. If you’re ready for the beauty of Maine, 25 Chauncey Creek Road is on the market now for $1,195,000 — via Curbed


Radiomir 1940 Art Deco Dial / Panerai

The watches we have here today though, the PAM 790 and PAM 791, break the mold a little bit. The Radiomir 1940 case is just as you’d expect it to be (rendered here in the 47mm size), but the dials of these two watches are inspired by a historic pendulum clock that sat in Panerai’s original boutique in Florence. They both forgo the sandwich construction and ample lume, opting instead for flat dials that have Art Deco style numerals, printed chapter rings, and ornate, faceted hands. They’re decidedly old-school and a little dressier than what you’re used to from Panerai.  Both watches are powered by the P.3000 calibre, which is Panerai’s in-house hand-wound movement. It packs three days of power reserve and the finishing has a sort of industrial edge to it. Technically, the two models are identical, with the only variation being the black or ivory dial. Each is limited to 300 pieces. Price: $9,200 — via Hodinkee


Geometric Pattern: Art Deco: Peacock / Red Wolf

Geometric Pattern: Art Deco: Peacock: Blue, Geometric Pattern: Art Deco: Peacock: Violet, Geometric Pattern: Art Deco: Peacock: Earth, Geometric Pattern: Art Deco: Peacock: Festive, Geometric Pattern: Art Deco: Peacock: Popsicle and Geometric Pattern: Art Deco: Peacock: Marshmallow originally uploaded by Red Wolf


Tiehack House / Bob Bowden

This eight-bedroom, 11-bath property can satisfy outdoorsy needs no matter the season; it’s located on both the 11th tee of a Tom Fazio-designed golf course and adjacent to the Tiehack ski lift at Buttermilk ski resort. That location—to say nothing of the luxurious amenities inside — begets a hefty price tag in a town that regularly boasts homes in the tens of millions.

Called the Tiehack House and designed and developed by Bob Bowden, the recently constructed 13,690-square-foot house sits on three acres with vistas galore. 651 Pfister Drive is now listed for $36 million — via Curbed


Newtown Residence / Monolithic Structures

The house is a state listed building. That’s down to its experimental concrete shell, which was apparently a first time use for that type of construction outside of Melbourne, where it was pioneered by Kevin Borland and Robin Boyd in the 1950s. The finish on this one is immaculate and that’s not just down to years of preservation. The house, which actually dates back to 1969, has been sympathetically refurbished to a very high standard. It is up for auction with a guide of between $600,000 and $650,000 — via WowHaus


Polo Residence / Verne Lars Solberg

The 234 square metre house was built in 1962 by Verne Lars Solberg, a successful commercial architect in northern Illinois. When a doctor in Polo asked Solberg to design a house, the architect was given free range to design whatever he saw fit; this Usonian style, three bedroom, two bath stunner was the result. The recently restored home features original built-ins, cabinetry, and custom-designed lamps and furniture built by Solberg in the 1960s. 11840 East Buffalo Street wants $325,000 — via Curbed


How To Stop Structures from Shaking / minutephysics

This video is about Tuned Mass Dampers, which can be used to reduce or avoid unwanted vibrations, swaying, swinging, bending, etc on engineered structures ranging from buildings, skyscrapers, electricity power transmission lines, airplane engines, formula one race cars, etc. TMD’s use damped coupled oscillators — via Youtube


Casa Bambu / Vilela Florez Architects

This tropical residence along the coast of Brazil combines traditional and local materials like stone, wood and bamboo to fashion a contemporary-looking abode that fits into both its natural and cultural context. Designed by Vilela Florez Architects, the various spaces are simple and connected by covered outdoor walkways, paved in stone in line with Portuguese traditions — via Urbanist


Backyard Reading Retreat / Board & Vellum

Board & Vellum designed this impressive backyard shed in Seattle as a reading retreat for home owners who wanted a dedicated space for relaxing. Think of it like a reading nook, only in the yard, bigger, and with plumbing. The shed welcomes visitors with an all-glass enclosure that faces the patio and fire pit. This micro sun room flows into a tiny living space whose walls are flanked with bookshelves and a daybed for stretching out with a good novel. The architects bill the stylish shed as a reading retreat, but it’s almost a full-fledged tiny home thanks to the full bathroom. There’s no kitchen, but there is a ladder that leads to a lofted bed in case you get sleepy from all that reading — via Curbed


Pueblo Revival Residence / William Penhallow Henderson

This five-bedroom, 430 square metre property features a glorious main house, designed and built by American painter, architect, and furniture designer William Penhallow Henderson in 1922.

In 2010, the house received a thorough renovation that sought to maintain its masterful craftsmanship. That process involved installing handmade replica tiles, new windows, as well as restoring the original adobe. Meanwhile, the kitchen is a surprising dash of modern style and convenience. 551-555 Camino Del Monte Sol is now listed for $3.8 million — via Curbed


Grant / MB&F + L’Epee 1839

Essentially MB&F’s take on a Newton’s cradle or one of those head-bobbing drinking birds, the brand’s latest collaboration with L’Epe?e 1839 is a cross between a tank and a transformer. Dubbed Grant, with three functional, tank-style treads and a large clock face forming a shield on its back, this desk-borne automaton can sit upright, crouch, or lay flat, allowing a specific orientation of not only the actual clock display (again, on Grant’s shield), but also the domed cover that allows a view of the manufacture movement’s balance and many other elements of the overall timekeeping mechanism, which is comprised of some 268 components. Available with blue, black, or nickel accents, each colour version is limited to 50 units and the Grant’s desktop protection will cost you CHF 22,000 — via Hodinkee


Geometric Pattern: Art Deco: Curve / Red Wolf

Geometric Pattern: Art Deco: Curve: Sunset, Geometric Pattern: Art Deco: Curve: Lily, Geometric Pattern: Art Deco: Curve: Dream, Geometric Pattern: Art Deco: Curve: Turquoise, Geometric Pattern: Art Deco: Curve: Seafoam and Geometric Pattern: Art Deco: Curve: Midnight originally uploaded by Red Wolf


Round House / Jackie Gleason

In 1959, Jackie Gleason had a home built in Cortland Manor, New York, that resembled a flying saucer. It was completely round, and everything in it was round as well: the counters, bar, fireplace, staircase, even the shower doors curved along with the building. That house, dubbed Mother Ship, along with a guest house (also round) called Spaceship, and a third house that isn’t round, on eight acres is now for sale — via Neatorama


Rand Residence / Paul + Ann Rand

The Connecticut residence of Paul Rand, the late art director and graphic designer best known for iconic logo designs for IBM, UPS, ABC, and more, has just hit the market and it’s a bona fide modernist treat. Designed in 1951 by Rand and his first wife, Ann (who studied with Mies van der Rohe at Illinois Institute of Technology), and completed in 1953, the three-bedroom house shows influences from Mies as well as Marcel Breuer. Like several Breuer creations to hit the market in New England recently, the Rand House is an efficient composition of glass and fieldstone nestled in extensive woodlands — almost eight acres in this case. 87 Good Hill Road is asking $895,000 — via Curbed