Oceanside Lido Residence / A Quincy Jones

Designed by seminal mid century Los Angeles architect A Quincy Jones, the house boasts the expansive interior spaces and indoor-outdoor integration often associated with Jones. At 142 square metre, the home may not be as large as Jones’s more famous designs, but the more modest Lido model still boasts the flat planes, angular roof, and clerestory windows so popular in the early 1960s. 3410 Las Vegas Drive is on the market now for $629,000 — via Curbed


1929 BMW WR 750 Kompressor Replica / Jürgen Schwarzmann

The BMW museum is the first port of call for any petrolhead visiting Munich. But there’s an even more extraordinary collection of machinery just down the road, at the BMW Group Classic headquarters. Our guide graciously explained the history of the supercharged 1929 BMW WR 750 Kompressor. Then he threw in a plot twist: this isn’t a restored WR 750, but a complete nuts and bolts replica. An original WR 750 is impossible to come by. Which is why collector, racer and master fabricator Jürgen Schwarzmann decided to build one from scratch — via Bike EXIF


1951 BSA C11 / Tim Harney Motorcycles

The bike was literally a pile of broken bolts and bent metal, Brooklyn resident Tim Harney tells us. Hidden inside its warped cases, however, beat the heart of a 1951 BSA C11.

Tim gutted the BSA from top to bottom, and rebuilt it with a few tasteful upgrades. He’s also spent time on the engine, which has been re-sleeved, balanced, shimmed, tightened and polished.

There’s all-new, handcrafted aluminium bodywork too, but Tim avoided doing anything wacky. I wanted to stay within the vocabulary of the original bike, he explained — via Bike EXIF


Gabrielle / Extreme Pepo

After a 12-month hiatus, Pepo Rosell has resurfaced to launch a new workshop — Extreme Pepo. He’s still based in Madrid, but has a more relaxed approach to business. In an effort to break away from his past, Pepo has begun working on different platforms. Gabrielle is Pepo’s first ever Harley-Davidson build, and it’s a complete departure from his Radical Ducati style — via Bike EXIF