Geometric Pattern: Labyrinth: Dark / Red Wolf


Victorian Italianate Double House / Ludlow, Kentucky

This five-bedroom, two-bath Kentucky home was originally a family stable circa 1840. The structure eventually transformed into a Italianate double house in 1880, and much of that era’s regal attributes remain. But it took a recent renovation to add a bit of Victorian glamour back to the property. Instead of functioning as a duplex as it had in decades past, the home is now a single family residence measuring 200 square metres. 245 Forest Avenue is on the market now for $249,900 — via Curbed


Munnion Road Residence / Will Alsop

Throughout his career, late British architect and Stirling Prize winner Will Alsop didn’t shy away from playfulness. Known for his bold, unusual buildings like London’s Peckham Library and Wales’ Cardiff Bay Visitor Centre, Alsop brought an irreverent eye to public architecture.

Lesser known is his residential work—likely because there’s only one project to speak of. That project, a 1960s single-story house with an Alsop-designed addition, is now on the market for £475,000 in Ardingly, England.

The house looks typical enough from the front with a brick-clad facade and an oversized front door painted a pale blue-green. Deeper in though, Alsop’s penchant for architectural cheekiness becomes apparent — via Curbed

Craft, Technology

Building an Iron Man suit that flies / Adam Savage

Cnet went behind the scenes with former MythBusters star Adam Savage for his new series Savage Builds. In the first episode Adam builds a titanium Iron Man suit modelled directly from Marvel Studios, with the hopes of actually flying it — via Youtube


Shinjuku Miyabi Residence / Himematsu Architecture

Himematsu Architecture has designed a hotel in Tokyo, Japan, that shows off an artistic and eye-catching façade. The designers were inspired by the Hemp leaf, as it has a very strong growing force and rapid growth speed as seen in nature. By using the leaf pattern on the façade, the designers wish for the new hotel to have the same powerful growth as hemp does in nature — via Contemporist


Santa Elena Residence / William Cody

The desert landscape was the architect’s muse, a fact that can be seen in this three-bedroom, four-bath home designed by William Cody and constructed in 1957. The 250 square metre ranch uses large walls of glass to create an airy, transparent feel. 572 West Santa Elena Road is on the market now for $1,795,000 — via Curbed


Yarnell Residence / William Kesling

This 340 square metre four-bedroom, four-bath home in Fallbrook, California, about one hour north of San Diego, is thought to have been designed in 1950 by California architect William Kesling, although there are no building records to confirm this fact Called the Yarnell Residence, the home is located at the highest view point of the former DO Lamb ranch, a sprawling 880-acre avocado farm that dates back to the 1940s. 2489 Via Del Aquacate is on the market for $929,000 — via Curbed


Geometric Pattern: Labyrinth: Light / Red Wolf


MSG and Umami / David Chang

But as is often the case with the winds of food trends, the direction appears to be changing. Thanks in large part to chefs like David Chang, who have worked to rewrite the narrative around Asian cuisine being considered cheap food, MSG is no longer the universal food ingredient pariah it once was — via Youtube

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Being Black in Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood / Great Big Story

Remember Officer Clemmons, the policeman from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood? Actor Francois Clemmons was initially reluctant to take the role. Growing up in the late ’60s, Clemmons didn’t have a positive opinion of the cops at the time. But Fred Rogers convinced him, and Clemmons became one of the first black actors to have a recurring role in a children’s TV program — via Youtube


Moose / Zeus Custom

Mooyong, the owner of Zeus Custom of Thailand, presents his second project with Royal Enfield. Prime was a relatively conventional reworking of the 650 with clip-ons and Firestones, but Moose takes things to a new level with a stripped back and more contemporary street tracker look — via Bike EXIF


York House / Alex Nerovnya

Russian architect Alex Nerovnya is known for his glossy renderings of gorgeous, if constructionally impractical, homes. His latest project, the York House, is no different. Situated in a moody wooded landscape, the home looks like it could have been stamped out of a cookie cutter. Its asymmetrical gabled form appears split in half—the two sections of the home with slanted roofs sit on different levels, separated by a rectangular volume clad in smoked glass. Like most of his realistic renderings, the York House is just striking enough to make you look twice and wish it were real — via Curbed


Shooting Star / Blaze Makoid Architecture

Blaze Makoid Architecture has recently completed a modern house in Teton Village, Wyoming, for an active family of five who love the outdoors.

The house has a cedar shingle, gabled roof with eaves that extend to protect the reclaimed barn wood siding from the elements. A ribbon of rustic local fieldstone runs the perimeter of the project’s base and also clads the chimneys and feature walls — via Contemporist


Life in Miniature / Ellen Evans

Kath Holden is an artist of the everyday. Inspired by the world around her, Kath’s creations are whimsical yet keenly observed, and a far cry from the genteel museum pieces that her contemporaries are producing. A proud Yorkshire woman, Kath reflects on her life and art as she carves a place for herself in the precious world of miniatures — via Vimeo


Bookworm Cabin / POLE Architekci

The Bookworm Cabin is as cosy as its name suggests. Nestled into the woods 48km outside of Warsaw, Poland, the compact weekend home is custom-built for curling up with a book.

Entrepreneur Bart?omiej Kraciuk and interior designer Marta Puchalska-Kraciuk of Moszczy?ska Puchalska design studio worked with POLE Architekci to design the cabin for the sole purpose of relaxing and reading. Its timber walls are lined with bookshelves, while its large windows bring in loads of natural light — via Curbed


Hasty Flaming Buffalo / Luuc Muis Creations

When Indian delivered a new Scout Bobber to young Dutch designer Luuc Muis, there was a catch: he had just 20 weeks to turn his ideas into metal. And to complicate matters, it would have to be an after-hours job. Because Luuc works full-time for the Harley parts specialist Motorcycle Storehouse and the helmet brand Roeg.

But Luuc delivered, turning his sketches into an incredible Scout Bobber called Hasty Flaming Buffalo, and built in the workshop of his friend Bert Jan of Outsiders Motorcycles — via Bike EXIF