‘Crap’ Australian parents raising a generation of spoilt brats by not setting boundaries, psychologist warns

A prominent Australian psychologist has warned Australia is currently raising a generation of spoilt brats, because their parents are crap and never say no.

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg believes today’s parents have a lot to answer for, and there may be serious long-term consequences for Australia.

Dr Carr-Gregg attributes the rise of poorly-behaved children to five major parenting problems.

The first [problem] is that there are too many parents being doormats for their kids. They have got what I call a vitamin N deficiency, which is a failure to say no.

It’s incredibly important that parents set limits and boundaries and I don’t know that that’s happening at the moment.

Dr Carr-Gregg identified the helicopter parent as another model of crap parenting he was targeting in his work.

The high-strung, control-freak parents that want to smother their kids with so much love and attention and monitoring and supervision that they never, ever develop any self-reliance and can’t solve their own problems later on — via

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